Sunday, June 17, 2018


The sport this year is T-ball for Lily.  So, every Saturday from April til Mid June we took her to her games.  Rylee was not interested in going, so all of these are the pictures I took of Lily during T-ball:

First game

Various games throughout the months: 

Lily was playing catcher, and I happened to get a video of her making a great catch.  It is within the first couple of seconds, so watch again if you missed it.  :)  She was very proud of herself. 

She and her sister, Anna, were the only 2 girls on the team.  They took 2nd place in the tournament.

It may look like she has on shorts, but... as soon as the game was over, she took her shoes and socks off, pulled the pants up as far as she could, and put her sandals on.  

She said she liked T-Ball, but didn't love it because it was too hot.  The long pants and tall socks in the sun didn't help.  When asked if she would want to play again, she said no.  lol  

Thursday, May 31, 2018

May Fridays with the Grands

Ceara took the pictures of Rylee in the woods below, but I wanted to post them here as well.  

Carter was playing with my phone in the selfie mode and took his own picture here.  

Hanging with Pops

Lily had a Spring Musical with her school.  That's her on the far right, last row.  Ya know, just in case you couldn't find her.  ;)

Rylee was on a cruise one weekend so we just had Lily.  We all went to Mimi's to hang out. 

Conor was dancing and wanted Lily to join.

Then he danced over and took her spot.

Then we played a few games of Memory.

The below is just to show how fast the woods grew.  

Carter is 5 months old now

The girls painted flower pots with Pops

Rylee made one to look like a watermelon.  All her idea, all her execution.

Lily liked the Bling.

We kept Carter so his mom could go buy a new (to her) car.  We hung out in the front yard for a while.  Rylee was with Pops and Conor, but Lily stayed with me and Carter for a while.

And Lily got to feed him.  This was just water as he had already drank the bottle left, but mom was running late and we were trying to give him something to hold him over.

Ceara and her babies.

Rylee first / last days of school.

Lily first / last days of school. 

They've grown so much in just a school year.  <3 p="">