Monday, May 02, 2005

Poppers and New Things

Conor was sick a few weeks ago and when Jeff took him to the Doctor, she said to let him have lots of popsicles and some "suckers" that were actually medicine for kids. Well, Conor loves popsicles. He calls them poppers. It is so very cute! Popper, Mommy, Pease? Pitty Pease? How can someone resist that? He is getting more and more vocal. Saying things you just don't expect.

I say, Conor - come here please. And his response? Just a minute. If I go to the bathroom, I have to lock the door to have a little privacy, and he always knocks on the door. When I say "who is it?" he says "It's me mommy, Conor". It is so cute.

He also does this thing where he does something and then says "ta-da". Or when he wants to "present" something - anything. Jeff was on the computer and Conor came into the room telling Jeff something about the dog and come here, daddy. When he took Jeff to the kitchen, there was trash all over the floor where Teddy had gotten into it, and Conor said "ta-da" and spread his arms out. And when we come home from somewhere and he will come in and say "I'm home - it's me, Conor".

Another new thing - he just started going to a new babysitter last week, and he makes crafts there. He is so proud of all of his crafts, he says "I did that, Mommy" with a huge smile on his face and his eyes light up. It is soooo cute.

They are also learning "The Itsy, Bitsy Spider" at his baby-sitters. And he will just start singing it, without any prompting. He tries so hard to get it right. He says spider, sun, rain, and a bunch of jibber jabber, but it is so sweet. He is getting so big, and so smart! I love watching his face when he is telling me something. It is so expressive. Even when he is mad at me for not giving him "prizes" before dinner, or something else. He will look at me and say "you made me cry, mommy". Or to Jeff "you made me cry, Daddy".

He is doing pretty well at the new sitter's house. Her name is Cindy. She says he is the sweetest little boy she has ever had. He is very loving, a little shy, but very patient. Another child there took something out of his hands and he just looked at him, and turned to play with something else.

He did great on Monday. On Tuesday, he wanted to go back - when we pulled into the driveway at home, he said "I wanna go back, Mommy!" On Wednesday, he was good, too. Each day, showing me his craft and being so proud of what he made.

Then on Thursday, at nap time, he wanted his mommy. Cindy said he cried a little, but not too much, and just wanted his Mommy. When I asked him what was wrong, he said "I wanted my mommy - I cried and wanted mommy". I asked about the other kids who go there - 5 others, some part time - and he said they kept pulling on his shirt. There are 2 little, tiny girls there - they are a little over 1 and still a little shaky when they walk - and Cindy said they love Conor. They follow him around, and because they do not walk as well, they will pull on his shirt to help themselves up, or to keep themselves from falling. He doesn't like that, apparently. :)

On Friday, he didn't want to get out of the car when I took him to drop him off. I think it is just the newness of going somewhere everyday again, after being able to stay home with either Jeff or me all this time. I got him out of the car and went inside with him. I sat on the couch with him and held him. Then Zach came. He is 2 years old, too, and after he arrived, Conor got down from the couch and started playing with him. Then he was OK with my leaving. It only took 30-45 minutes. It's a good thing I have an understanding boss!

Of course when I got to work, he had to give me a hard time - something about bankers hours and how he wasn't sure I was coming in at all (I had called). Then I told him why, and he said he was sorry, that he knew how heart-wrenching it could be to see your child crying and he was totally fine with my being late. He said "I won't say anything else". I have a wonderful boss. :)

Anyway, Jeff picked Conor up a little early on Friday, and reported that Cindy said everything went well on Friday. So hopefully it will get easier. Today - Monday - he was ready to go back again. He went in and Zach was already there, and Cindy had a balloon that he and Conor started playing with, so he was fine with my leaving. Cindy said he did well today, no problems. So hopefully as the week goes on, it will only get better. :)

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Allie had 2 friends spend the night with her on Friday night, and boy what a night! When we sat down to eat, they were both talking a mile a minute, very loudly, about everything. Conor sat there and just looked at them, I think wondering what language they were speaking, or how they talked THAT fast. And how much could one person giggle, anyway? It was very funny watching him watch them.

So then we had a bit of peace when they went out to the park to play. When they came back, they were bored - wanted to make something. So they made a cake. I gave them some icing, they made different colors and put the icing in bags, and decorated a cake. It was a very interesting cake. We of course took pictures, so if I ever get them developed, I will try to remember to put a picture on here. Then they decided they were going to "shove it in their mouths" kinda like they do at weddings. Giggling girls... They did it. But to give them credit - they cleaned up their messes also.

Then it was hair and make-up time. They did a pretty good job on each other's hair. But we were out of film, so no pictures of that. I think they all had fun while they were here. One thing is for sure - young girls are VERY giggly, and VERY loud! :)