Wednesday, April 20, 2005

My New Do

You know that hair cut I was telling you about? WELL! I went to work on Monday - the day after I got my cut - and I thought everyone would comment on it. First of all, after I washed it my self, I noticed how curly it had become, now that all the weight of the length had been taken off. So I put stuff in it, and made it all curly, and went into work. NO ONE NOTICED. Not one person. The first person to see me as I walked in - Robert. Just "hey Katie" and that is it. Then Jean. You would think the other female in the office would notice. But ... nothing. Ok, whatever. So I went to get some coffee, and when I was walking back, Dave said something so I went into his office. Well, he started bursting out LAUGHING!! And said - it looks like you just rolled out of bed! WELL! JERK! So I explained to him that I had just gotten my hair cut and it looked like that because it was CURLY now. "OH" was his only response. So then he went on about whatever work issue he had called on me about. Well, I went back to my desk just stewing! It was one thing to not notice, but quite another to burst out laughing!! It wasn't that bad!

So I vented to a co-worker of mine - I will not mention any names, to protect the innocent. He said he could understand a little about no one noticing, because he wasn't very observant and he didn't notice his wifes hair cuts, either, but he agreed that the laughing was uncalled for. He suggested some nice ex-lax brownies a-la Katie for Dave. :) Good idea! I liked it. He of course quickly said he was joking - but the thought was already planted. Hmmmm. Revenge! Laugh at my hair, will you??

But of course I didn't do it. Although I think he deserved it, I will forgive him. He is a pretty good boss, just not very observant, or smooth. And of course, no one really ever noticed. Of my entire family (aunts, uncles, cousins, sister, mother) the only other person who noticed and commented was my BROTHER-IN-LAW. Maybe other people noticed, but didn't want to say anything because they didn't like it. Oh, well. I like it, so that is all that matters. Maybe next time I will get a funky color. See if they notice that! :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A Quiet Sunday

Well, recently, Aunt Naomi decided that she would like to get all 3 of our kids on the 3rd Sunday of each month, to take them to Church and spend some time with them. So, the first Sunday it happened was April 17th. Now, understand, our kids rarely all go someplace together at the same time so it was very quiet around here. I made an appointment to get my hair cut that afternoon, since I would have the time, and went to my Grandma's for Sunday dinner at noon. Of course everyone there asked me the same question - where are all your kids. So I told them - with their Aunt Naomi - she decided to take them to church with her every 3rd Sunday. Several responses were "Is this the first time? Well, better make the most of it, because it might not happen again", "All 3 of them?", and "Does she want some more?". Of course they were all joking, our kids are good kids, they can just be a handfull when you have all of them.

So I went to get my hair cut, and didn't have to worry about how long it took! I didn't have to be back quickly for any reason! So I got to catch up with Glenda - and she didn't have a lot of customers, so she styled my hair and took her time.

I think that is the first hair cut that I have gotten in YEARS that Jeff has actually noticed immediately. He said "Dang, I didn't know you were getting so much cut off!" Not that my hair is short now, but I got some layers put in it and when she styled it, she used a straightener, so that it was all different.

So then we were on our way to Naomi's to eat Jeff's belated Turkey dinner that she promised him. She and the kids had been working on it for the better part of the afternoon, after church. They all pitched it and helped - Ceara did the stuffing and the juice, Allie did the green bean casserole and helped with the peanut butter pie. Everyone notice my hair when I came in and commented on it - all positive comments. Jeff said something about the length, and Ceara had the perfect response - she said "Well, Dad, you always complain that you can't tell that she cut her hair because she doesn't get enough cut off to tell a difference. But now that she does, you complain about that, too. Make up your mind." Right on! :)

So we all ate dinner, then sat outside and watched the kids play basket ball, and talked. Naomi said the kids were all really good and they all pitched in and helped out without complaint. I don't understand why they are so nice and helpful, and try new things, when they are at other people's houses, but when they are here, they complain if we ask them to do anything. And try something new?? Yeah, right! OK, maybe I am exagerating a bit, but they are so much more willing to do things for other people!

Then Jeff joined in with the girls and they played "monkey in the middle" where they tried to keep the person in the middle from getting the ball. Conor was just running around, entertaining us - running funny, hiding, finding flowers, all kinds of stuff! It was fun, we all had a good time.

So I asked Naomi if she still wanted to get the kids on the 3rd Sunday - and she said YES! :) JOY! :)

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Chef Jeff

Since Jeff has been laid off, he has been doing a lot of the cooking around here. He is pretty good at it, most days. One day, I brought a co-worker home for lunch to meet our new dog (Lisa is a dog lover) and see our new house, and Jeff had given us a menu to choose from. We chose taco salads. He even made the edible bowls that they go in. It was very good.

But yesterday was a little bit of a different story. Jeff decided to make some Chicken and Rice. 2 different kinds, actually. On my way home, he called me on my cell phone to let me know that he messed up on dinner. He had burnt it. He says he read the directions and they said to cook the mixture on high for 25 minutes. He didn't ever remember doing that before (he has made it several times) but he read it and re-read it. He told me that he checked and re-checked it. So he did it. He covered the pans, and left them to cook on high heat. He came back after about 5 or so minutes to stir them, to find it all burnt. So I came home and looked at the box, and for MICROWAVE directions, it said to cook on HIGH for 25 minutes. But for STOVE TOP directions, it said to cover and cook on MEDIUM TO LOW for 25 minutes. I couldn't help laughing at him. We ended up going out to eat, so he asked the girls if they wanted him to burn dinner the following night, also. Funny. ha ha

He also commented "You're gonna put this on your blog, aren't you?" I was laughing so hard and said it hadn't entered my mind to, yet, but now that he reminded me, I definitely would. Poor Jeff. The subject of all my funny stories. Thanks for giving me something to write about, honey.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Strange Coincidences

Allie was on the computer tonight, and I don't know how she found the site, but somehow she was looking up famous birthdays. She checked all the dates of our birthdays to see who else had the same birthdays. Well, Allie has the same birthday as President George W. Bush. And Conor has the same birthday as Senator John Kerry. For some reason I find that strange. So I thought I would share. :)

He did it, again

Well, for those of you who know me, you know that last year Jeff tried to cut Conor's hair and ended up messing it up so bad that we had to buzz it. Well, he did it again this year. On Tuesday, I called home on my way home from work and Allie said Jeff cut Conor's hair and he messed it up. Great. We had talked about getting his hair cut and I told him to make an appointment with Natasha (the one who gave him his first hair cut, and his one-year old cut. But, no, he had to try again. Can't spend the $15 or $20 to just get it done right. No, not Jeff. He wants to make Conor look like he put a bowl on his head and trimmed around it. Mushroom type cut. Can you imagine? So once again I had to buzz his hair. But this time, it is not as close. He is, of course, still cute.

Anyway, I did Jeff and Conor's hair last night outside our back door. Getting Conor to sit still for me to do it was a little less difficult this time than last, but he kept moving his head and I couldnt' get it all even. But it is pretty close. Then he and Jeff were off to the showers, while I was left to clean up the hair. Have you ever had to clean up hair from grass? I did something that I never imagined myself doing. I got a broom and dust pan and I swept the grass. Felt strange, sweeping grass, but it worked. I didn't want big clumps of hair blowing all over the neighborhood, so I had to get it all up.

Now it is all done and both of them have short, short hair. I took pictures of Conor, but I don't have them developed yet, but when I do, I will post a picture of his new cut on here.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Allie and Ceara with Santa at the Nutcracker Ballet

We decided to take the girls and my Mom to see the Nutcracker Ballet at Christmas time this year. So we all got dressed up and went. Everyone had a great time.