Saturday, April 09, 2005

Chef Jeff

Since Jeff has been laid off, he has been doing a lot of the cooking around here. He is pretty good at it, most days. One day, I brought a co-worker home for lunch to meet our new dog (Lisa is a dog lover) and see our new house, and Jeff had given us a menu to choose from. We chose taco salads. He even made the edible bowls that they go in. It was very good.

But yesterday was a little bit of a different story. Jeff decided to make some Chicken and Rice. 2 different kinds, actually. On my way home, he called me on my cell phone to let me know that he messed up on dinner. He had burnt it. He says he read the directions and they said to cook the mixture on high for 25 minutes. He didn't ever remember doing that before (he has made it several times) but he read it and re-read it. He told me that he checked and re-checked it. So he did it. He covered the pans, and left them to cook on high heat. He came back after about 5 or so minutes to stir them, to find it all burnt. So I came home and looked at the box, and for MICROWAVE directions, it said to cook on HIGH for 25 minutes. But for STOVE TOP directions, it said to cover and cook on MEDIUM TO LOW for 25 minutes. I couldn't help laughing at him. We ended up going out to eat, so he asked the girls if they wanted him to burn dinner the following night, also. Funny. ha ha

He also commented "You're gonna put this on your blog, aren't you?" I was laughing so hard and said it hadn't entered my mind to, yet, but now that he reminded me, I definitely would. Poor Jeff. The subject of all my funny stories. Thanks for giving me something to write about, honey.

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Mom said...

Well, this was fun to read! Thanks for sharing. Serves Jeff right for making you work on your blog more often, huh? After all, a girl needs material!!