Wednesday, April 20, 2005

My New Do

You know that hair cut I was telling you about? WELL! I went to work on Monday - the day after I got my cut - and I thought everyone would comment on it. First of all, after I washed it my self, I noticed how curly it had become, now that all the weight of the length had been taken off. So I put stuff in it, and made it all curly, and went into work. NO ONE NOTICED. Not one person. The first person to see me as I walked in - Robert. Just "hey Katie" and that is it. Then Jean. You would think the other female in the office would notice. But ... nothing. Ok, whatever. So I went to get some coffee, and when I was walking back, Dave said something so I went into his office. Well, he started bursting out LAUGHING!! And said - it looks like you just rolled out of bed! WELL! JERK! So I explained to him that I had just gotten my hair cut and it looked like that because it was CURLY now. "OH" was his only response. So then he went on about whatever work issue he had called on me about. Well, I went back to my desk just stewing! It was one thing to not notice, but quite another to burst out laughing!! It wasn't that bad!

So I vented to a co-worker of mine - I will not mention any names, to protect the innocent. He said he could understand a little about no one noticing, because he wasn't very observant and he didn't notice his wifes hair cuts, either, but he agreed that the laughing was uncalled for. He suggested some nice ex-lax brownies a-la Katie for Dave. :) Good idea! I liked it. He of course quickly said he was joking - but the thought was already planted. Hmmmm. Revenge! Laugh at my hair, will you??

But of course I didn't do it. Although I think he deserved it, I will forgive him. He is a pretty good boss, just not very observant, or smooth. And of course, no one really ever noticed. Of my entire family (aunts, uncles, cousins, sister, mother) the only other person who noticed and commented was my BROTHER-IN-LAW. Maybe other people noticed, but didn't want to say anything because they didn't like it. Oh, well. I like it, so that is all that matters. Maybe next time I will get a funky color. See if they notice that! :)

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