Friday, November 30, 2018


I don't have a lot of pictures from November.  A lot of these pictures were taken by Ceara and I snatched them from her.  

The first ones ar of a baby afghan I made for a new baby cousin - Wesley

Miss Rylee - from Ceara, so I'm not sure where this was taken

This wasn't Universal Yums, but a Japanese treat box I got from Amazon. 

It was interesting, but nowhere near as good as Universal Yums.

Then we did crafts.

Lily made a bed for the kittens

Thea loved it.

And then Bains took over.  

The following pictures were taken by Ceara.  Caption

Obviously these were from October, but showed under November from my phone.  I should probably move them, but... nah.  :)

The kittens, especially Oliver, have some strange sleeping positions!

Conor had his temps, so he drove us to Thanksgiving dinner.  I got to sit in the back seat and relax and watch the scenery. 

Lily hung out on the 4-wheeler while Mimi was loading wood to be taken to the wood pile.

November Universal Yums was from...

The Netherlands! :)

As you can see by the rewards, most were pretty well liked!  We score ours a little different than they intend.  We do each snack as either "Great", "Just OK", "Yuck", and "Weird"

Conor and I went to visit a friend (Christina) and meet her new puppy.  He took right to Conor.

And of course her older dog deserves some attention, too!

Rylee had a Christmas musical at her school

It was on a Friday night, so we all got to go.  She came home with us for our Friday night afterwards.

Right out off the dress, shower, and pajamas as soon as we got home.

These pictures were also taken from Ceara:

Mellow month.  Because... turkey?  

I'm so very thankful for my family.  Kids and Grandkids are wonderful. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Molly started the remodel of mom's bathroom, I went up and assisted.  

The floor was ripped up, and new subflooring was required near the toilet.

See that space back to the far left?  That's where the toilet goes.

After the we did the subflooring, 

We put the new flooring in around the toilet hole, and then put the toilet back.  

It was quite a feat for the 3 of us.

Three women in a small space trying to balance a toilet, hold the ring in it, and fit it over the hole with the bolts sticking up.  We managed it, but it wasn't easy.  Molly was in the bathtub, I was lying on the floor, and mom was standing in the doorway helping to guide it.  We lost one bolt down the hole on the first try.  I'm sure if we would have filmed it, it would have been comical.

We took the girls out to the movies and then to the waffle house.  The order of the pictures is backwards.  

Since I'm writing this so far after the fact, I don't remember the name of the movie!

When it was over, we were the only people in the theater, so we went down to the stage in front of the screen to dance around.  

October also means opening day at Wishbone Farm!  We took the girls to get pumpkins and enjoy the festivities and animals.

Both of the girls kissed the pigs! (or just pretended to)

Attempting a witch's brew

Hangin' with the ghosts and spiders

Getting some candy from the monster

Chillin' at the fire with the monsters

And posing as scarecrows.

Climbing up the bales of hay,

Posing near the skeleton dog

Being pulled around with the pumpkins

Swinging on the horse swing

A great visit to Wishbone Farm!  

After we dropped Lily off at home, we went to Frisch's and Rylee was so hungry, she tried to eat the Big Boy Sandwich!  

We got her inside for real food, stat.

Back to Mom's to install the sink, we had a few plumbing issues.

One of the neighbors stopped by and helped out with it, so we were good to go in the bathroom.

Carter visited with us on a Friday night

along with his Momma

The girls got seeds out of the fallen sunflowers.

And played on the fallen trees and stumps

Back to Mom's to do the kitchen floor.

Aaand, done.

I stole this one from Conor's posts on some platform, not sure which.  He and 2 of his friends being silly.  

October's Universal Yums was from.... (drum roll, please)


We tried all the snacks, of course, but it wasn't one of our favorite Yums.  Equally good and weird to us.  

The girls helped me grate carrots for Mimi's birthday Carrot Cake.  

They also helped her open gifts

Then played memory

We also celebrated Austin's birthday

With a yummy Heath Toffee Coffee Ice Cream Cake.  Yum.

For Halloween, Lily dressed as Glenda, the good witch while Anna was Dorothy. 

One late Friday, we went to the Cracker Barrel for dinner

Lily crashed on the chair with Cleo sleeping above her.

And finally, a friend asked me to do a cake for his grand son - based on Five Night's at Freddie's, Nightmare version.  I think it turned out pretty good.