Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What we saw at the OTMF at Pioneer Village

Olde Tyme Music Festival

As we walked through the villiage, we met many people. Including this friendly lodge saleslady.

There was a medicine lady and a medicine man.

What!? ..another lodge saleslady!

Sorry! I don't need a lodge! (So pushy these salespeople)

Village Elder


Snake Oil Salesman

An Outlaw!

An Hawaiian Blugrass Band

A Rapper yo!

Two Cloggers in a Dance Battle

Shawnee Princesses

Old Tyme Music Festival You Decide!!

Which hat looks better?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Pioneer Village @ Caesar's Creek

Old Tyme Music Festival

In one of the shops at the festival, there were two signs for laundry rooms. One said: Laundry Room - Where Mom's hang out; the other one said: Drop your pants here.

Conor: Mom, you should be in the laundry room hanging out!

Me: I don't think so.

Conor: Why would they want people to drop their pants? What if they aren't wearing any underwear? Not everyone wears underwear. I'm not wearing any underwear right now, so I can't drop my pants!

Ceara: You're not wearing underwear?!?! Why not?

Conor: I didn't feel like it. Dad doesn't wear any.

Ceara: Dad is that true? You don't wear underwear?

Jeff: WHAT? I do too!

Me: He wears boxers, and Conor doesn't consider that underwear. More like shorts.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Deductive Reasoning

Conor was helping me make some beer bread for our family's Sunday dinner. Alli walked in and said, "Save me some!"

Me: I can't promise anything, if there is some left, I'll bring it home.

Conor: I'll share my Nerds with you Alli! They'll make you smarter!

Alli: No thanks.

Me: They'll make you smarter? Where did you get that?

Conor: Well, they call people who are smart nerds, and this candy is called nerds, so it must make people smarter!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


They switched our network over yesterday to something new, we are upgrading or something... and in the process they blocked more sites. Like Facebook, which was previously allowed. Apparently they reached their quota of blocked sites and when they added to it, some were knocked off. Or they forgot to include some in their list of blocked sites, because now I'm able to access my blog! I wonder how long this will last? Probably not long, but I thought while I have access, I might as well post something, right?

This week has been crazy busy at work! Why yes, I should be working rather than posting, but this will only take 5 minutes and I need a break to switch gears. :) I've had 3 meetings today, which severely impaired my ability to work as well. They also added to my list of things to do at each meeting. Sheesh.

End of month is just a week away now, and the pressure is on!

In other news, I told a friend about the frog incident (post below in case you are behind!) and he said, "And after you let it go, a bird probably ate it." What a JERK! I don't want to know that stuff, I was blissfully unaware and would have been happy to remain so. Such is the circle of life if it did.

I just finished reading John Grisham's newest book - Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer. It is written towards teenagers, but hey, I've read all of his books so far and I wasn't going to let that stop me! I enjoyed it - it was light, easy to read. It didn't take me long to finish it, and now it is in Alli's hands for her reading pleasure. He has another book coming out in October and I can't wait!

I'm currently reading a book with Jeff. Well, not at the same time, but we are sharing it to read in the same time frame. I'm sure he will finish it before I do! It is definitely NOT light reading. Resurrection by Leo Tolstoy. I suppose it is light reading compared to his other books - War and Peace and Anna karenin - both of which Jeff has read, but neither of which I have. Who knows, maybe I will fall in love with Tolstoy after this book and decide to read one of them.

There are two other books I want to get but will wait until I'm done with the one I'm reading now. Anyone reading anything good they would like to recommend?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lost and Found

I've been distracted lately, losing sleep over all the thoughts in my head. Worrying. About the future, about strangers and about a frog. Yesterday when I was driving back to work from my lunch break, I was behind a truck on a back road. When he turned at a stop sign, 3 pieces of equipment fell from the bed of his truck onto the road. I beeped my horn and waved, trying to get his attention to stop. He did not. So, I picked it up and put it in my trunk. Thinking I could somehow catch up to him, or somehow figure out how to get it back to him.

I didn't find him on my way back to work, so not knowing what else to do, I called the police station. I got a "why are you calling us" feel from everyone I talked to, but they finally said I could bring it to the station and they would run an ad in the paper to see if anyone claims it. So, I've been worrying about the person who lost it. Is he going to miss out on work because of it? Lose a job because of it? Was it insured, can he replace it?

I've told 4 people about the incident, and all 4 said I should have just kept it or left it there. They all had their reasoning, but it never occurred to me. It was not mine, I did not earn it, I don't want to take something that doesn't belong to me. I did what I would want someone else to do if they found something valuable of mine. I did what was right in my mind, and that's what is important to me.

As I was sitting at my computer last night, I looked over and saw a tiny frog on my desk. A little brown frog, I want to say it's a tree frog, but I don't really know. It startled me. It was only about an inch long and it just sat there. Then it jumped behind my desk and I worried that it might jump on me - even though I thought it was cute, I don't like things crawling on me. Or jumping for that matter. I tried to forget about it. Then it jumped on my foot.

I was startled so of course I gave a little scream and moved my foot. So he jumped off and started hopping towards my bed. Well, I couldn't very well go to sleep knowing a frog was in my room! So I got a Tupperware container and managed to catch him in it. I took him out to Jeff and asked him to please take him outside and set him free.

Then I went to bed. I laid there and thought of the frog. Worried that Jeff would forget and he wouldn't have enough air, and that I would go to the kitchen in the morning and find a little dead frog in the container. So I got back up and went to set him free myself. I slowly pried the lid off so I didn't startle him, but he seemed to know what I was doing because he climbed up the side of the container like he was waiting to jump free. I managed to loosen the lid enough to set it down outside, then remove it, and he jumped out and hopped off through the grass. That made it a little easier for me to fall asleep.

Now if I could just find the man in the white truck...

Friday, June 18, 2010


Lately a lot of things have been happening. Jeff has been traveling a lot! First he went to Las Vegas, then Alaska, then Hawaii, and he just got home from a two week trip to California. So I've been all alone in this parenting gig for a bit.

While he was gone, I started a new exercise program. I'm realizing that I'm getting OLD and I need to start taking better care of myself. So, I got a lot of healthy food at the grocery and got a DVD. So, I was all excited to start and so I put the DVD in and started following along. Conor sat down on the couch to watch and decided to heckle me. "Mom. You're not doing it right." "Mom. What you are doing doesn't look like what they are doing."

Hey kid, I'm trying! If you think you can do better get off your butt and do it too!!


Anyway, I made it through the video despite all the negative comments coming from Conor.

I also went to the doctor and he said I have to get my tonsils removed. They wanted to schedule it for yesterday (Thursday) but since Jeff wouldn't be home from CA, and I wasn't ready, so I scheduled it for July 9th. That gives me time to get through my birthday, Alli's birthday, and to find a little bell I can ring when I need something. I'll also have to stock up on some writing pads so I can communicate since someone told me it's gonna hurt to talk. Oh, and my Dr? He said, "It's more difficult and painful for adults to have their tonsils removed, the recovery takes longer. It will be very painful, and I will give you pain meds, but honestly they won't really help." Joy. Something to look forward to!

So, ummm say a little prayer for me that everything goes well, would ya?

Love you!