Friday, June 18, 2010


Lately a lot of things have been happening. Jeff has been traveling a lot! First he went to Las Vegas, then Alaska, then Hawaii, and he just got home from a two week trip to California. So I've been all alone in this parenting gig for a bit.

While he was gone, I started a new exercise program. I'm realizing that I'm getting OLD and I need to start taking better care of myself. So, I got a lot of healthy food at the grocery and got a DVD. So, I was all excited to start and so I put the DVD in and started following along. Conor sat down on the couch to watch and decided to heckle me. "Mom. You're not doing it right." "Mom. What you are doing doesn't look like what they are doing."

Hey kid, I'm trying! If you think you can do better get off your butt and do it too!!


Anyway, I made it through the video despite all the negative comments coming from Conor.

I also went to the doctor and he said I have to get my tonsils removed. They wanted to schedule it for yesterday (Thursday) but since Jeff wouldn't be home from CA, and I wasn't ready, so I scheduled it for July 9th. That gives me time to get through my birthday, Alli's birthday, and to find a little bell I can ring when I need something. I'll also have to stock up on some writing pads so I can communicate since someone told me it's gonna hurt to talk. Oh, and my Dr? He said, "It's more difficult and painful for adults to have their tonsils removed, the recovery takes longer. It will be very painful, and I will give you pain meds, but honestly they won't really help." Joy. Something to look forward to!

So, ummm say a little prayer for me that everything goes well, would ya?

Love you!


Barb said...

Oh Katie! You are being so brave and so smart! Good job in your exercise/healthy eating efforts. I wish you much success. Also, sorry about the surgery, I certainly will be (and have been) praying that you will recover quickly, have no complications and be a whole lot more comfortable than they told you! Hang in there Kid!

love you,

mom said...

I have a great little bell that will serve the purpose well. love,

Mayo said...

Forget the little bell, you need one of those "foghorns in a can", guaranteed to get everyone's attention! hahaha