Friday, August 31, 2018


Well, I've fallen behind.  Lots happened in August.  Anna (Lily's sister) got to come and spend the night with us.  The 3 girls got along wonderfully.  We had Carter for a little bit, as well. 

They took turns riding the pink tractor, and everyone agreed to let Anna ride first because she was the guest. 

We set up a little shade tent that we got for when we go to sporting events.

Two played while one was riding the tractor.

That face.  <3 p="">

We also had the fallen tree that was fun for them to walk like a balance beam.

And the back of the truck for the to get into and play.

We went for snacks and crafts after they got a bit hungry.

Playdoh and fruit.  What else could a girl want?

All dressed, packed and ready to go play at Mimi's for a while.

Conor got a stylin' new outfit - getting ready for back to school.  

Pops and Carter had some fun bouncing on an exercise ball.

Lily always loves playing with and feeding Carter.

Checking out the morning glories they planted to see how they were growing.

Lily's first day of school.

Rylee's sassy pose.

Carter chillin.  

Conor with his first trip to an actual barber - who used a straight razor to do a "hard part" in his hair. 

Acting goofy for the 1st day of School picture.  Sophomore year!

Soccer.  Conor's favorite sport to play.

Rylee's first day of school.

Ahh the summer days of playing in the yard.

They decided to build a cat trap out of the logs.

Bains fell for it!  Trapped!

Our Universal Yums box for August was from the UK.

The treats were liked, but not the chips!

Flower girls :)

The boy hit the 8 month mark.

Lily without Rylee one weekend.

She enjoys looking for things with binoculars.

Summer break from school came to an end.