Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So much that I could have / should have / wanted to tell you over the past couple of months.  Who knows how much I will remember now? 

Like the time I went to get the check engine light on the truck checked out, and I had been listening to the BeeGees on some random station.  I went in and the guy came out to hook up the device to read the error and he turned the car on and Celine Dion was blaring out of the speakers.  HOW EMBARRASSING!  The truck's radio has some issue with the volume knob - it has so low that you can't hear it, and really loud so that you can't hear anything else.  It was on the really loud setting. 

We are all moved now, except for 2 large items that I have yet to get from the garage of the old house.  That's not to say we are unpacked because we have so many boxes - but no where to put the stuff we have yet.  We will eventually.  That's the breaks moving to a smaller house.  However, I gladly give up the extra space for all the happiness of being here.  We have trees, and a back yard.  A deck with a grill and patio furniture to hang out on, eat, talk, enjoy the weather.  A place for Teddy to run.  Woods for Conor to play in and get dirty - like all little boys should.  A fire pit to have bonfires. 

Conor is doing well in soccer - they have won all but 1 game, and that one was a tie.  He likes being a defender - was very proud of the fact that no goals were scored against them for the first 3 or 4 games. 

Ceara is doing pretty well in school - she has started reading a bit more than she used to and that makes both Jeff and me happy.  She hasn't enjoyed reading in the past and I'm hoping she starts to love it as much as I do. 

Alli has begun her senior year in High School, she is still working, and she has a pretty steady boyfriend - Jon - who we all love (should that be whom? I never get who/whom right!).  I am also trying to select a photographer to get her senior pictures taken.  Nothing like last minute, right?  Procrastinator who?  Anyone have any suggestions / recommendations?

I'm not taking many pictures - mostly because I don't have my camera set up to charge at the new house yet.  I do take some with my phone.  Like this one:

I woke up one morning to find this on my refrigerator. Yes, that is the kind of humor that goes on here!  Although it wasn't any of us, we tease Conor that he is the one who did it.  So that causes him to insist that it wasn't him, and Jeff to try to reason that it was him.  It's a funny conversation.

Mostly I have been taking pictures of stuff to sell on Craig's list.  Most of it has sold, but I still had to put a little bit in storage.  Not the storage you pay for, but a shed at my grandma's house until it does get sold.  I had 2 garage sales, then gave everything that remained to charity.  I needed it gone for my own peace of mind. 

I got a "new to me" car, of course, after Alli totaled mine.  It's a Kia Sedona.  I like it, and I don't like it.  I like how roomy it is.  I don't like the gas mileage.  I don't like how it has already broken down and had to be towed to the dealer for service - bumper to bumper warranty my arse.  Wiring problems apparently aren't inbetween the bumpers.  I got that covered because I had just bought it, but now I just don't like them.  The first and last car I buy from Matt Castrucci Automall.  I know "honest car sales people" is an oxymoron, but I really hate being lied to.  "It will cover anything that isn't normal maintenance/wear and tear like break pads, batteries, etc" was a total lie.  Wiring for the cooling system is not what I would consider normal wear and tear. 

Jeff is working out of state again, so he's only here on the weekends - if then.  Sometimes he is gone for 2 weeks at a time.  He has been in Georgia for most of September, and he will be moving onto Tennessee and Alabama in October.  He forwarded me an email today from his employer offering permanent jobs in a list of cities where they have brick and mortar.  He asked which city I would be interested in moving to.  The thought of going through another move - to another state - is not a happy one.  Heck it took us 2-3 months to move 5 miles!  Needless to say, we aren't interested, but I did daydream a little about giving my notice at work.  :) 

OK, I have to get to bed now.  Hopefully I will be back to writing semi-regularly again now that things are calming down. 

Hope all is well with you all!