Monday, April 30, 2018

April Fridays

We decided to get some kites to fly one weekend.  One for each girl, Jeff, Ceara and John were the ones out there in the field helping to get them to fly.  Mimi, Carter and I were on the bank with the dogs, watching.

The girls in the shed making play-doh creations.   

A work in progress - the ice cream stand.  The girls like to play on it.

I got a large, chocolate egg on sale and filled it with some blind bags.  Just for no reason.

They opened the bags and ate some of the chocolate.

The next day, we attempted to make edible slime.  

We chose a starburst recipe found online.

It didn't really turn out as slime.

But it was still edible.  I sent it home with them... you're welcome, parents. ;)

And of course... Carter.  <3 p="">

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Prom 2018

Conor is a freshman this year, but his girlfriend is a Junior, so they went to Prom.  It was on April 21st.  Camryn got her hair and makeup done by Emilee at Be Beautiful You - she does an awesome job!

Dinner was at Stone Creek Dining Company  Pictures were at various houses we visited and Liberty Center Mall.

I was the chauffeur for the evening.

At Emilee's after the hair and makeup:

At Mimi's, with photo bombs by Ricky.

At Camryn's house:

With her little brother:

At Pepaw's house:

At Nana's house:

At the Liberty Center Mall:

I like unposed pictures.  So, I took a lot when they weren't paying attention.  The one below, I showed to Lily and Rylee and told them Camryn was singing "Let It Go" from Frozen.  :)  They believed me.

This last picture was taken by Nana at her house:

They had a great time, they said they danced - but I have no proof.  First Prom.