Monday, December 31, 2012

Out with the old

It has been a long year of NOT posting much.  So, I'm closing out the year with a post.  I don't know why.  I've often wanted to post more, but just haven't done it.  I do enjoy looking at my older posts occasionally though, so I would like to keep up and know what was happening in my life in 2012. 

Nails.  I need them to hang photos.  Not the ones on the end of my fingers; the ones you pound into a wall with a hammer.  I have them somewhere, but who knows where?  I'll come across them some day - on a day I don't want to hang pictures, but maybe I'll remember to make a note of where they are for when I do want to. 

My camera broke.  Well, it still takes pictures, but will not accept any new memory cards.  So, I have to work with internal camera memory - which is only about 15 pictures.  I take all kinds of pictures until I get down to the last 2 - then I'm very picky about what I will do with that precious space.  The camera is a dinosaur of sorts in technology years.  I've had it since 2005... it has been a good camera.  Maybe 2013 will be a good year to retire it and get a new one.   

Conor got an expander put into his mouth this year - trying to make room in his mouth for all his teeth.  We "turned" it for a month and now he has braces. 

This was the first year without either of my girls here.  Ceara became old enough to work - and work she has.  Sure she had a job in 2011, but she didn't work all the time.  This year she has - working 2 jobs at one point because her first job wouldn't give her many hours, then just going for the second job where she was able to get the hours.  When she comes to visit, it is usually after she gets off work at night (10ish) on the weekends and she is usually tired and falls asleep pretty quickly. 

Allie doesn't come over as often because she lives 30ish minutes away and has Lily and work and all that life stuff. 

Conor got an xbox last year for Christmas and we haven't seen him since.  Just kidding... he does love playing it, but he seems to be able to walk away for other stuff pretty easily.  He started reading Harry Potter this year and loves it.  He's in the 4th grade and has the reading ability of a 7th grader. 

He just turned 10 years old - double digits.  We had a Hobbit party for him - we took him and 6 of his friends to see The Hobbit, then came back home for pizza and cake. 

That's about it for this post.  I'm not making any resolutions per se, but I would like to start posting here again in the New Year.  Hope everyone is doing well and has a great New Years Eve / Day!