Sunday, March 30, 2008

Grandma's Birthday

March 29th is also my Grandma's birthday. You can read more about her here and here. And once again, I gave her lottery tickets for her birthday. :)

Happy Birthday, Grandma! (only belated on the blog, I did wish her one in person on her actual birthday!)

I did however, forget to take my camera to her house for her cake and ice cream.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Gage's Birthday

My nephew, Gage, just turned 6 on March 29th. I think I have made all of his birthday cakes / cookies in the past, but not this time. Although I made the icing, my sister did all of the decorating. She did a great job.

Molly had the party at her house, mostly just family and friends. I found a balloon making kit thing when I went to the store, so we blew up balloons and I did my best to twist them into something fun. :) I didn't get a picture of the dogs I did, but they didn't turn out too bad!

The boys wanted hats and swords, though. Oh, and a bow and arrow (below) that had invisible arrows. Didn't stop Conor from shooting me with it.

Gage starting to open his presents while his dad is saying something... hard telling what. And uh, I don't remember.

Austin trying to get the bunny ears on Gage was not fast enough. And his mom said, "Stop it!" with that mean mom look, but I took the picture before he could move away.

Blowing out the candles, so we could all dig into the cookie. Every single little boy wanted a part of Scooby Doo.

Lucy got to come and visit as well. She was totally worn out from all the excitement. Allie let her lay in her lap while she was watching something on TV.

And she passed out on the floor as well.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Meet Lucy

My mom got herself a Shitzu puppy. Meet Lucy Liu. Or it could be Lucy Lou. Either way she is mostly called just Lucy.

Her black eyes blend in with her fur around her face, but we can still see them! Just look really close. She is the sweetest little puppy. She gets so excited to meet new people.

When I go to my mom's house and pick her up, she snuggles her face in my neck. She is soooo cute. She loves to play - throw a ball or toy and she will go get it and bring it back.

She also pounces like a cat - kinda like the picture above (even though in the one above I believe she is just resting), she gets in that position and jumps on your feet. It is hilarious. She is such a sweet and lovable dog. The kids adore her, as do I. (Oh, and I do believe she has my mom wrapped around her little, uh.. paw.)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Blogs To Read

Like I need another blog to read to distract me from work... errr to read in my spare time at home. However, I came across this blog via the Waiter Rant site (if any of you read it, you might have as well), and it is great! It was voted the best written blog for 2008 and I can see why. She is funny, takes awesome pictures, and I haven't even read it all. I read her story about how she met her husband and I was hooked. She also had a food blogs where she shares recipes with picture directions. Wow is all I can say.

Check her out - Confessions of a Pioneer Woman and The Pioneer Woman Cooks

I will be adding them both to my list on the side, as soon as I remember how. :)

Now I have go to the grocery so that I can make some of her recipes!

Friday, March 07, 2008


After getting dismissed from work early due to the weather (snow), I arrived home to find Jeff and the kids eating lunch. Hamburgers and french fries. Noticing Conor did not have any ketchup for his french fries, I told him I would get him some. He responded, "I don't like ketchup."

OMG! How can anyone not like ketchup, let alone my offspring?!?!

So I looked at him and said, "Who are you, and how are you related to me?"

He giggled and ignored the question. But seriously. How can any offspring of mine not like ketchup? I'm shocked. I think I'm still in shock 10 hours later...

This coming only a couple of days after my declaration of love for ketchup.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Phone numbers

Well, as Conor gets older and smarter, he is learning how to use the phone - much to his sisters' dismay. They get phone calls and he picks up the other line and talks to their friends while they beg him to hang up the phone and I laugh. muwahhahahahahaha

However. He has also memorized a few phone numbers of people he likes to visit. Like Grand-dad. He will get the phone and call him at all times during the day and ask him to come over or ask if he can come over there. Without talking to either of his parents first! Jim is so patient with him, he has not complained yet.

He also knows our phone number. And he seems to like talking on the phone. When he is at Grand-dad's house, he will call us over and over and over again. He still doesn't have the concept of one phone number belonging to all of us, though. He will ask me what my phone number is and when I tell him he says, "No, that's Dad's phone number. What is yours?" Or if I answer the phone he will ask, "Why are you answering Dad's phone number?"

He also will call to talk to Teddy. Our dog. heehee And has been known to put Teddy on the phone to talk to other people as well. So, be careful giving out your phone number to Conor. You might think he will not remember it, but you will think wrong.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ketchup and Random Stuff

Yes, I have been quite lazy with this blog lately, I'm sorry. I've not really felt like writing anything. Lots of happenings should have been posted, just for the laughs.

Jeff's company shut down on January 11th, so he has been without a job since then. Since he is not working, he has been concentrating on his school work and he keeps Conor at home with him during the day while I work.

He has also taken on the household duties, for the most part. Grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, cooking, and such. Yes, I do help out some as well, but he does the majority. We have all also been passing around the winter sickness everyone seems to have.

Since Jeff is doing the grocery shopping, there have been some odd occurrences in our house. Like we ran out of ketchup. Not just any ketchup, mind you. Heinz. It's the only ketchup I will use. Upon discovering that there was no ketchup, I called him a slacker. Uh, hello? This didn't happen when I did the grocery shopping!

There are still some things that I do the shopping for - the Sam's Club items. Which is still a mistake, although I have not come home with 3000 straws lately. Probably because we still have a lot left. :) I still go during my lunch hour at work. Last week, I went armed with a list, again. I had 6 items on my list and I left with 19 items. Ketchup was one of them. I cannot live in a house with no ketchup, so I am not chancing that again!

If I go to some one's house for dinner or a cook out or whatever and they have another brand of ketchup (sometimes called catsup by those generic brand people!), I will either eat my food plain, or not at all. I have also been known to bring my own bottle of ketchup to the houses of people who I know do not use Heinz (my Dad... sheesh!).

This month there are a few happenings in my world. We have Easter (which, I know, happens in a lot of other people's worlds!), and Jeff's birthday falls on Easter day. Which hardly ever happens since Easter usually falls in April. The girls are also on Spring break in March this year because of it.

Then my grandma's and Gage's birthdays are both on the 29th of March - which falls on a Saturday this year. So that will be a weekend of parties.

My computer crashed last night and I am bummed because I will lose a lot of my picture when I re-image it. I know that I put some of my pictures on a disc, but not all of them. And it has been a while since I did the back up as well. :( I'm not looking forward to the re-imaging because it will be very time consuming to get everything back on there.

OK, so that is all for now. I will try to do better with posts, but I'm not promising anything!