Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Phone numbers

Well, as Conor gets older and smarter, he is learning how to use the phone - much to his sisters' dismay. They get phone calls and he picks up the other line and talks to their friends while they beg him to hang up the phone and I laugh. muwahhahahahahaha

However. He has also memorized a few phone numbers of people he likes to visit. Like Grand-dad. He will get the phone and call him at all times during the day and ask him to come over or ask if he can come over there. Without talking to either of his parents first! Jim is so patient with him, he has not complained yet.

He also knows our phone number. And he seems to like talking on the phone. When he is at Grand-dad's house, he will call us over and over and over again. He still doesn't have the concept of one phone number belonging to all of us, though. He will ask me what my phone number is and when I tell him he says, "No, that's Dad's phone number. What is yours?" Or if I answer the phone he will ask, "Why are you answering Dad's phone number?"

He also will call to talk to Teddy. Our dog. heehee And has been known to put Teddy on the phone to talk to other people as well. So, be careful giving out your phone number to Conor. You might think he will not remember it, but you will think wrong.

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Misty said...

That is too cute....and funny :)