Saturday, March 29, 2008

Gage's Birthday

My nephew, Gage, just turned 6 on March 29th. I think I have made all of his birthday cakes / cookies in the past, but not this time. Although I made the icing, my sister did all of the decorating. She did a great job.

Molly had the party at her house, mostly just family and friends. I found a balloon making kit thing when I went to the store, so we blew up balloons and I did my best to twist them into something fun. :) I didn't get a picture of the dogs I did, but they didn't turn out too bad!

The boys wanted hats and swords, though. Oh, and a bow and arrow (below) that had invisible arrows. Didn't stop Conor from shooting me with it.

Gage starting to open his presents while his dad is saying something... hard telling what. And uh, I don't remember.

Austin trying to get the bunny ears on Gage was not fast enough. And his mom said, "Stop it!" with that mean mom look, but I took the picture before he could move away.

Blowing out the candles, so we could all dig into the cookie. Every single little boy wanted a part of Scooby Doo.

Lucy got to come and visit as well. She was totally worn out from all the excitement. Allie let her lay in her lap while she was watching something on TV.

And she passed out on the floor as well.

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Barb said...

Happy birthday Gage! The cake looked yummy, the balloons looked like fun and the puppy is adorable! Looks like a great time for everybody!