Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Blogs To Read

Like I need another blog to read to distract me from work... errr to read in my spare time at home. However, I came across this blog via the Waiter Rant site (if any of you read it, you might have as well), and it is great! It was voted the best written blog for 2008 and I can see why. She is funny, takes awesome pictures, and I haven't even read it all. I read her story about how she met her husband and I was hooked. She also had a food blogs where she shares recipes with picture directions. Wow is all I can say.

Check her out - Confessions of a Pioneer Woman and The Pioneer Woman Cooks

I will be adding them both to my list on the side, as soon as I remember how. :)

Now I have go to the grocery so that I can make some of her recipes!

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Barb said...

oh dear......these are fun, so much for spending less time on the computer! Thanks Katie...thanks a LOT! **sigh**