Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ketchup and Random Stuff

Yes, I have been quite lazy with this blog lately, I'm sorry. I've not really felt like writing anything. Lots of happenings should have been posted, just for the laughs.

Jeff's company shut down on January 11th, so he has been without a job since then. Since he is not working, he has been concentrating on his school work and he keeps Conor at home with him during the day while I work.

He has also taken on the household duties, for the most part. Grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, cooking, and such. Yes, I do help out some as well, but he does the majority. We have all also been passing around the winter sickness everyone seems to have.

Since Jeff is doing the grocery shopping, there have been some odd occurrences in our house. Like we ran out of ketchup. Not just any ketchup, mind you. Heinz. It's the only ketchup I will use. Upon discovering that there was no ketchup, I called him a slacker. Uh, hello? This didn't happen when I did the grocery shopping!

There are still some things that I do the shopping for - the Sam's Club items. Which is still a mistake, although I have not come home with 3000 straws lately. Probably because we still have a lot left. :) I still go during my lunch hour at work. Last week, I went armed with a list, again. I had 6 items on my list and I left with 19 items. Ketchup was one of them. I cannot live in a house with no ketchup, so I am not chancing that again!

If I go to some one's house for dinner or a cook out or whatever and they have another brand of ketchup (sometimes called catsup by those generic brand people!), I will either eat my food plain, or not at all. I have also been known to bring my own bottle of ketchup to the houses of people who I know do not use Heinz (my Dad... sheesh!).

This month there are a few happenings in my world. We have Easter (which, I know, happens in a lot of other people's worlds!), and Jeff's birthday falls on Easter day. Which hardly ever happens since Easter usually falls in April. The girls are also on Spring break in March this year because of it.

Then my grandma's and Gage's birthdays are both on the 29th of March - which falls on a Saturday this year. So that will be a weekend of parties.

My computer crashed last night and I am bummed because I will lose a lot of my picture when I re-image it. I know that I put some of my pictures on a disc, but not all of them. And it has been a while since I did the back up as well. :( I'm not looking forward to the re-imaging because it will be very time consuming to get everything back on there.

OK, so that is all for now. I will try to do better with posts, but I'm not promising anything!


Barb said...

HAHA!! I cracked up at the ketchup thing!! I am totally out of it myself and because I am a gourmand about ketchup (just make it red and wet!), had to have my scrambled eggs this morning with the little packets I got at Wendy's. I know, you're freakin"!!

love ya!

Alikat Corner said...

OK, you are so added to the list of places I need to bring my own ketchup to if I know we are eating something that requires it!