Wednesday, June 22, 2005

How was your morning?

Well, today started off rather differently. Just before my alarm was to go off, Conor comes and climbs up the side of my bed and throws his "night night" (blanket) on me and said, "It's wet Mommy, I peed!" So I immediately sit up and throw it to the floor. Conor is there, on my bed, with no diaper on, all wet. So I get out of bed and then go to start the washer to get his blanket clean. It is a security blanket for him and I don't want him to have to go to the babysitter's without it. He followed me and pointed to the kitchen floor and said, "Mommy, I peed!" And there, right next to the trash can is a HUGE puddle of pee. Aaaarrrgh! OK. I put Conor in the shower and wash him off. Then I go to clean up the kitchen. I look into the living room and there is a dark, wet puddle on the carpet and a dark spot on the couch cover. How in the world does a 2 year old pee THAT much?? I see his diaper in the trash and feel it - completely dry. So I get a towel and clean up the carpet. I pull the couch cover off and put it in the laundry room. I clean it all up the best I can, then figure the rest can wait until later. I have to get ready for work and am already behind because of all this extra work.

I go into my bathroom and it occurs to me that I should let the dog out so that he has plenty of time to "go" before I leave. I go to get the dog and his collar is not on him. I look all around, nothing. So I woke Allie up and asked her if she took it off of him. She said yes. So I told her to get up and find it and put the dog out, I had to get ready for work.

I put Conor on my bed and turn on Cartoons and go to get into the shower. All of a sudden he is banging on my door asking for his "ba ba". I am trying to keep him from wanting it. So I fix him some juice in his cup and hand it to him. NO MOMMY, I WANT A BA! "Here is your juice, you don't need that ba," I say and go into the bathroom to take a shower. I lock the door so he can't come in and scream at me. So he lays down outside the door, yelling for his ba and kicking the door. I keep saying "Mommy's in the shower, go watch your cartoons." That doesn't work. So when I get out of the shower, I go and get him something to eat. He is satisfied with that and he eats it and drinks his juice.

So I rush and get dressed. It is 8:10 and we are getting ready to walk out the door. I get the blanket out of the washer and take it along, wet. The phone rings. I go over and look at the caller ID thinking it may be my boss or my babysitter - it's Naomi. And I think, "Sorry Naomi, I will have to call you later, I really can't talk right now." Hoping she gets my telepathic message, we head out the door. Then my cell phone starts ringing. I look and it is Naomi again, so I send the telepathic message again and get Conor situated in his car seat. OK, we are off. It is Tuesday and I am hoping Conor doesn't give me a hard time dropping him off. He did on Monday - his first day back to Cindy's after she took a week off. We get to Cindy's house and I explain what happened and give her the blanket to set aside until it dries. She takes it and puts it in the dryer, so we're good there. Conor doesn't fuss, he gives me a big hug and a kiss, and Cindy takes him off to see the new bunny they had just gotten on their vacation week. I arrive at work at approximately 8:35, explain the events of my morning, and everyone has a good laugh about it.

Time to get to work. I address my email problems, start auditing the completed calls for billing. I am on the phone when Naomi called again, I see her number flash across my ID screen, but I am unable to answer it - because I am talking to a customer and because I literally cannot answer the second line, just see who is calling. So I call her back when I get off the phone. I felt bad for not answering all her calls, or calling her back sooner, but she understood.

I didn't get to take lunch until 2PM, and I came home so that I could do a little more clean-up on the morning's accidents. I put the couch cover in the washer, fold the clothes in the dryer, and clean the carpet and couch again. Then it is time to go back. Finishing out a long day, I pick Conor up and call home to see if the girls still wanted to go to the grocery with me (they had told me at lunch that they did). Nope. So I tell them I will be home in a bit.

I have to go to the grocery because I haven't been in a while and we are out of everything - the staples especially - bread, milk, butter. I decide to go to Middletown Meijers because I also need to get some Potasium Pellets for our water "conditioning system". I passed Jeff on the highway, so I called him on his phone. He didn't answer, but called me once he got home. I told him my plan and asked if he wanted anything specific. He said "no".

Conor loves to ride in those "car" carts that they have, so when we got there, we went off to find one. Usually they are hard to find, but today there were THREE right there outside the door. Of course he wants the one that is blocked by all the other ones. They all look alike! But I go ahead and move the 2 and get the one he wants. So he is happy.

It takes us 1 1/2 hours to go through all of the isles, and the card is over-flowing with stuff. Partly because we have a lot, and partly because Conor wanted to put everything in the cart, so it was not neatly arranged. We finally get out of there and get home around 7:20pm. The reason I went to Middletown? The pellets, I forgot them. Oh, well, I am not about to go back now! We unload the car, I put all the groceries away, change Conor and get him some food. I had just sat down to check my email, and was responding to one, and Jeff woke up. He asked if I needed help with the groceries. No - I have them all put away and everything.

So he gets up and goes into the kitchen, then comes back and said "did you get any chips?" No - I didn't. I had considered it, but none of them sounded good to me, so I skipped it and thought I would come back. He goes back to the kitchen and comes back to ask if I got lunch meat. No - there were like 10 people in line at the deli and one person working. I didn't want to stand in line that long. So he says "well, what did you get?" I tell him to look in the fridge and pantry. He said "I did and I don't see anything. What did you get for lunch for the girls?" So I get up and go in the kitchen and show him everything I bought. I am really irritated because I had a long day and I gave him the opportunity to tell me if he wanted anything special. He didn't want to go to the grocery, but he wanted to complain about what I bought??? Then he proceeds to tell me how he approaches going to the grocery. Blah, blah, blah. I just stand there and throw daggers at him with my eyes. He finishes telling me how it is supposed to be done and I go an put shorts on and go outside to cool off before I go off on him.

I water the grass and walk around, not having the energy to really do anything else. Conor comes out and plays in the water a little bit. We go back in the house and get him changed, then sit on the couch doing goofy stuff and laughing.

The rest of the things that happened are just normal, every night things. Except Jeff decides to go to the movie store to rent some movies. He is gone for almost 2 hours and comes home with groceries. Yeah - chips and pre-packaged lunch meat. And he got some Pizza Rolls for the girls. I had bought a bag of those, too, but apparently when I was showing him what I got he didn't hear me say that. He interrupted my writing this blog to show me what he got. Good for him. Now he can have his lunch meat and chips, and eat them too.

I need some Calgon. Conor is asleep and I am going to go and relax a little bit before I go to bed. It is really late (11:45) and I have had a long day. I should really just go to bed, but I need to wind down a bit first. I sure hope tomorrow is a little better. :)