Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pool Time

We went to my dad's house to swim because Conor wanted to so badly, but it wasn't really, in my opinion, hot enough to swim. Conor can now touch the bottom of the pool, so swimmies were not needed. I sat in the sun for a while, trying to get hot enough to get in.

During that time, Conor was jumping into the pool, showing off the fact that he now could.

He was quite fearless.

Swimming around, begging us to get in.

I finally got in, and it was COLD. Shivers. GOOSE BUMPS I TELL YA!

I swam around, still, trying to warm up. Conor decided that we should race. There was only one rule - you (meaning ME) can't swim under water. That is cheating. But HE could grab my suit and hang on until we were close to the other side, then push off me to reach the side before me. THAT is not cheating. At all.

And the blue raft? That is for Toby. The dog. So he can get in and out of the pool whenever he wants. He wasn't swimming with us on this day, they felt it was too cold for him. Too cold for the dog, but fine for the people...
It was fun, though. :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Time!!

Although the date on the picture says 2008, I assure you that these were just taken this year! The date on my camera somehow needed reprogrammed, and I swear I picked 2009! Someone else had to have changed it when I wasn't looking.

We decided to use the water sprayer that the Easter Bunny left for Conor this past Easter. Well... I decided HE could use it while I brushed Teddy to try to minimize the shedding in the house. The dog hair is getting out of control.

Anyway, Conor had to wear a shirt because the neighbors might see him "nekkid" and we couldn't have that now, could we? He can be so strange sometimes. :)

He ran through a bit, then decided to see how far he could shoot the water. In my direction of course.

He did get me a few times, and he giggled every time I screamed as the cold water hit me unexpectedly.

Teddy was having none of that water. He gave it a wide berth when walking around the yard, and most of the time made sure I was between him and the water-shooting kid. Such a gentleman. heh.

Most of the time he studiously ignores me when I have a camera in my hands. If I hold it up to take his picture, he turns his head immediately. I have to be very fast.

I'm not looking at you.
You really can't make me. Could you please ask that boy to quit shooting water in this direction? I could drown, you know.
He's such a snob sometimes. Big chicken - afraid of a few water drops.