Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Time!!

Although the date on the picture says 2008, I assure you that these were just taken this year! The date on my camera somehow needed reprogrammed, and I swear I picked 2009! Someone else had to have changed it when I wasn't looking.

We decided to use the water sprayer that the Easter Bunny left for Conor this past Easter. Well... I decided HE could use it while I brushed Teddy to try to minimize the shedding in the house. The dog hair is getting out of control.

Anyway, Conor had to wear a shirt because the neighbors might see him "nekkid" and we couldn't have that now, could we? He can be so strange sometimes. :)

He ran through a bit, then decided to see how far he could shoot the water. In my direction of course.

He did get me a few times, and he giggled every time I screamed as the cold water hit me unexpectedly.

Teddy was having none of that water. He gave it a wide berth when walking around the yard, and most of the time made sure I was between him and the water-shooting kid. Such a gentleman. heh.

Most of the time he studiously ignores me when I have a camera in my hands. If I hold it up to take his picture, he turns his head immediately. I have to be very fast.

I'm not looking at you.
You really can't make me. Could you please ask that boy to quit shooting water in this direction? I could drown, you know.
He's such a snob sometimes. Big chicken - afraid of a few water drops.


Debra said...

He just looks so OLD! Cute pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

you are so funny!