Thursday, July 27, 2006


After work last night, Conor and I were watching cartoons in the living room when Allie came out of her room and sat down. Conor had been playing with a stuffed animal frog, throwing it for the dogs to go get. Allie saw this and said, "Hey! That's mine!" And she picked it up off the floor before the dogs could get it.

Conor wanted it back obviously, so he told her, "Give me that trog." (Still pronouncing his 'f' as a 't')

Allie said, "I'll give it to you if you say 'frog' the correct way."

So, just as she asked, Conor said, "Trog the correct way."

Allie and I both burst out laughing.

"No, you have to say 'frog' right."

"Trog right," he repeated, while trying very hard to get the frog from her.

At this point she was on the floor and holding it out of his reach. She was lying on her stomach, so Conor decided to sit on her back. Forgetting about the frog temporarily, he said, "Let's go, horsie!"

"I am NOT a horse!"

"Come on, go horsie!!"

"Get off of me, I'm not a horse!"

This went on for a couple of minutes, I was cracking up laughing at the two of them. Then Conor reached around and put his hand over Allie's mouth and said, "Horsies don't talk, so be quiet!" and held his hand there. We were both rolling with laughter at all of this.

Conor never did get his horsie ride. He did get the trog back, though. :)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Blackmail or Bargaining?

I went home for lunch today and the first thing Conor said to me was, "Momma, can I have a popsicle?"

"Did you eat lunch yet?"


"What did you have?" I asked.

"I had, ummmm, toast!" (A "Yeah, that's it" kinda look on his face..)

"Well, that sounds more like breakfast, so maybe you need to eat some lunch."

Dad speaks up, "He had ham and cheese."

"Yeah! So, can I have a popsicle?"

"OK, you can have one. But that will be all, OK?"

"OK, Momma!" He ran off to select the one he wanted, his sister opened it for him.

Five minutes later he came back. I was trying to help Jeff with a math problem he was trying to figure out. "Momma, can I have some Ice Cream?"

"No, you just had a popsicle."

"But, I've not had an ice cream!"

"Sorry, you chose a popsicle, you are not having both." I turned back to Jeff to help, but he had already figured it out. So I turned back to Conor. "Did you brush your teeth this morning?"

"If I did, can I have an ice cream?"


I got up and went into the kitchen to sort through the mail I had just brought in. I was shredding some junk mail when I heard Conor asking Jeff for an ice cream.

"Conor, leave Daddy alone, he's trying to do his homework." I yelled into the bedroom.

Conor then came into the kitchen and said, "Well, if you give me some ice cream I won't bother Daddy, but if you won't give me some ice cream I will go bother Daddy." He actually said this with his eyes really big and innocent.

"I'm not giving you ice cream, and you can take your chances with your Daddy. I wouldn't bother him, though, because you will just get into trouble." I was trying so hard not to burst out laughing! Trying to blackmail me to get his way! yeah, right... :)

Then I heard him in the bedroom talking to Jeff, "If you give me some ice cream, Daddy, I won't bother you. If you don't give me some ice cream, I will bother you."

Jeff replied, "No."

"But...." he started.

"No." Jeff repeated.

So his blackmail didn't work. He left our bedroom and went to find Allie. Allie and Conor walked out of Allie's room towards the kitchen. "Did you say it was OK for Conor to have ice cream?" Allie asked.

"No, I told him he could not have any."

"He just came in my room and told me 'Mommy and Daddy said I could have some ice cream.'"

Figures. Sneaky little snot. lol Trying so hard to get his ice cream.

He then decided that he wanted more lunch - I think he thought if he ate more food, he would be allowed some ice cream. I don't know the outcome of that because I had to leave to go back to work. It was just really funny all of the ways he was trying to get some ice cream. :)

Monday, July 24, 2006

One day I'll learn....

OK, this post is just about something stupid. :) I bought a cell phone car charger a while back, but I gave it to Jeff since he is gone from home a lot and needs it more than I do. Since his back injury he, of course, has not been using it. So, it is now in my car since I often forget to charge my phone. When I bought it, I got the one with a retractable cord so it would be more neat when trying to store it. There is a button on the side of the main part that, when pushed, retracts the cord very quickly.

When I plug it into the lighter slot in my car, I always have to move it around so that it gets connected somehow to whatever metal piece is in there - and it will finally start charging. While moving it around, I hold my phone in my other hand (while parked of course!) and watch it to see when it starts charging. EVERY time - I mean, every single time I have done this - I am looking at my phone, I start moving the charger around in the slot, and I press that little button to retract the cord. It scares the crap out of me every time (the zip noise) and I drop the phone. You would think that after a few times I would realize it and pay attention. Maybe now that I have written about it I will remember. :)

Just thought I would share that with you all so you can have a laugh at my expense (instead of Jeff's, heehee). :)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Back to the dock...

It has been almost a year since I posted pictures of the newly built dock and the "hole" that was to be a pond. Now look at it:

Relaxing on the dock

From left to right: Grant, Mason, and Conor wading in...

Grandma, Grant, and Judy watching the kids play

Swimming and floating....

Great Uncle Don, Conor, and Grant

Ceara jumping off the dock

Maggie jumping off the dock - look at her hair fly.... all the kids taunted her until she finally gave in and jumped off!

Paddling and fishing around the pond - with all the swimmers in there, too, I don't think they had much luck with the fish. From left to right: Jake, Missy, Mason, and Matt.

Conor wouldn't go anywhere with anyone except for his sissy Allie.

The paddleboat crew tries a new spot for fish.

It was an absolutely beautiful day to be sitting outside, playing in the pond, or just sitting and watching. Everyone had a blast! The pond is now fully filled in, ready for swimming, fishing, or just paddle-boating around. The pig roast is coming up in a couple of weeks, so we will be going back out there for a day of fun - food, music, dancing, volley ball, games, and a whole lot more!

Comedy of Errors

OK, so one of the contracts we have where I work is with a Computer Manufacturer (name withheld to protect the stupid). The basic overview of this contract is that they have customers who call into their tech support center needing assistance. Their tech support people determine the problem, decide which part needs replaced, and dispatch it to us. We, in turn, order the part they instruct us to order and we must perform the service they request upon receipt of the part - 95% of the time it is the next business day.

For anyone unfamiliar with the computer service industry, if a unit is under warranty and a part is replaced, the manufacturer requires that the defective part be returned to them within a specified period of time before any credit is received. We must provide payment for the part in advance and they give full credit once the defective part is received. Anyway, I don't want to bore you with the details... so onto this particular incident.

There are 2 particular customers who will not provide a defective return to Computer Manufacturer (CM from here on out) if the defective part is a hard drive. This is due to security reasons - the hard drives in question have information on them that the customers do not want to take any chances of being leaked.

So, for the call in question that we received - CM sent the call to us via the virtual dispatch site that we use. In the notes of the call they (CM) specified, "that the defective Hard Drive will not be returned, as it is a defense organization." In other situations where we do this for customers, we must fill out paperwork that we have for the specified customers and return the paperwork in place of the defective part. This call did not have any paperwork given to us (what we already have is customer specific, so it could not be used) so we printed out the information from their website, highlighted the notes that they (CM) put in there, and send that paperwork in place of the defective part.

Two weeks later we received the box back, with the paperwork inside, and a letter stating that we did not return the defective part to them so we were going to be charged the full charge for the part. It also stated that if we wished to dispute the charge, we needed to send an email to their specified email with the details of the case and the reason for the dispute. *Sigh*

So, I compose the email, stating the customer's name, the order number, the part number, our ID number, and the reason for the dispute - that they (CM) were the ones who told us not to return the defective drive!

One week later (today) I receive a reply from their dispute department directing me to contact Joe Schmoe for assistance with this problem. That Joe handles all cases where the defective drive is not returned.

So! I forwarded the entire email string to Joe - the customer's name included - and received the following reply:

I assume this is an CM or CM2 desktop under warranty.
Please contact MR (person who works for my company) for paperwork requirements.

Also, I assume the customer is XYZCompany.
If not, then it does not process through me.
I will need to research further if not XYZCompany.

He copied, on his email, 2 other people within my company - and one within his (Mike P). He received almost immediate replies from 3 of the 4 people he sent it to. All three said about the same thing - DUH! Did you even READ THE EMAIL??? (of course you had to read between the lines to get that and if he was incapable of reading the email I had already sent, he probably didn't get the inclination of the replies, either!)

Mine said, "No, the customer is not XYZCompany - it is a CM call. CM dispatches it to us. As stated below, this call was ran for 'Defense Organization'."

The one from Mike P. said, "This is not an issue for Joe Schmoe. Joe only has this process for XYZCompany, this call is for 'Defence Organization'. RTD, please issue full credit for the order to 'Company ID.' Per the note of the case from CM, the partner was directed NOT to return a defective part. Any question please contact me ASAP."

I absolutely adore Mike P. He is the absolute best at his job, and everyone else's job in their company apparently! It is because of him that I recommend this brand of computer to anyone I talk to - because of him I can get almost any issue I have with this Computer Manufacturer resolved almost immediately.

Errors made:

#1 - Whoever opened the box was unable to read, apparently, and could not comprehend that the company for which he/she works was the ones who instructed us not to return the defective part. Thus the box and paperwork were returned to us with instructions on how to dispute the rejected part.

#2 - Why the paperwork states to file a dispute via email to their "disputes" department if they cannot handle the disputes and will just send me elsewhere.

#3 - Sending me to Joe Schmoe for assistance when he is not the one who handles such cases - he only does work for XYZCompany. If they know his name well enough to send me to him, they should know what his position is within their company.

#4 - Joe Schmoe making assumptions and not reading the email before sending an unintelligent response. Didn't anyone ever tell him what happens when he assumes??? (Ass - u - me) But in this case I think he only made an ass of himself. :)

#5 - Me even thinking I could get any correct assistance from anyone else other than Mike P. I should have just gone directly to him when I read the instructions in the call!

Anyway, this is my form of venting about the situation. :) Hope it didn't bore you!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The "embarassing ones" :)

OK, not so much the 1st one... It's a good one. But the other two are when she is taking a bite of something... so she yelled at me for taking the pictures. :)

Allie's 13!!!

OK, yes, I am a little late posting the pics, and I have more to post! I will possibly do that tonight. :) The embarassing ones..... ;)

Does it look like she likes it? She didn't know what it was at first... but it is an MP3 player. :)

She had a little bit of help with opening the bags (they are kinda difficult, you know), and the tissue paper is a little bit in the way, but she looks so happy here, I had to post it.

Happy 13th Birthday Allie! :) Welcome to the teenage years! (OMG! Please help us both! :))

(The cakes you see in the background on the counter were the cakes made by Allie, Ceara, Conor, and Kaitlyn for me at GrandDad's house!)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

New Links

OK, I have added a couple of new links to "My Favorite Blogs" - Waiter Rant is a blog written by an anonymous waiter in NYC. He has a LOT of readers and I have read his blog for a long time. He writes about the customers and staff at the restaurant where he works. If you notice, his posts get HUNDREDS of comments from people all over the world. He has been written about in various newspapers and magazines. He might make you think about some of the things you do when you go to eat at a restaurant!

The other one is the Ellsworth Family - this is the blog of a couple that I met while playing World of Warcraft. They are both very funny and their son is adorable! Their blog, like mine, is to keep their family updated with happenings in their lives - and with their first child, Colin (who is now 8 months old).

I just recently found out that at least one of you are as familiar with Poop and Boogies as I am! So, if you haven't checked out my recommendations, you might want to take a look at them. Some of them will have you laughing out loud.... :)

Monday, July 17, 2006

Going to the Movies

I decided to take the girls to see a movie, one of their choice even! Initially, I was going to drop them off and pick them up. I decided instead to just stay and see a movie that I wanted to see. Jeff is unable to go to the movies at this time because he is not allowed to sit for that long.

We decided to go on Sunday afternoon, they decided to see "Click" (with Adam Sandler) while I chose to see "The Devil Wears Prada." Both movies started at the same time. When en route to the theater, Allie asked if I would drop them both at the door so they didn't have to walk.

"Uh, no. You can walk just the same as I can."

"But, Mom, we're special!"

"I realize that you are very special, but this isn't the special bus, so you will have to walk just like the normal people," I said, smiling.

We ended up getting a front row parking space - it just happened to be open.

The girls went on ahead of me - you know, they're at that age where they don't want to be seen with an adult, especially if it's Mom! So I got my ticket, got some popcorn and went into my movie.

When I walked out, I walked past where the girls had been for their movie and it was over, so I figured they would be in the lobby. I walked into the lobby and they were sitting, waiting on a bench. They saw me and got up and walked over to me.

Allie was saying, "See, I told ya!" and laughing.

"What did she tell you?" I asked.

Ceara responded, "She said, 'these look like the kind of people who would be watching the movie my mom is watching, so I bet she will be coming out soon.'"

"Well, how rude!" I said, while laughing. "I thought you said you wanted to see that movie, too. I guess I won't have to worry about you wanting to come back to watch it then."

"I do want to see it, it looks good."

Yeah, teenagers!

Then we got into the car and she put her elbow on the middle console, "Ouch! That's hot!! Mom, you should have parked in the shade!"

"Well, then you would have had to walk farther! Next time I will be sure to remind you that when it is 100 degrees outside and the sun is shining, the inside of a car will more than likely be very hot... "

I will be posting some pictures from Allie's birthday party soon - I got some really good ones of her! Some while she was talking, or chewing, or with some strange expression on her face... you know, all the ones that will embarrass her. I took them on purpose because she kept saying, "Mom! Stop taking pictures of me!"

By the way, the movie I saw was really good. I liked it. :)

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Day of the Surgery

The day before Jeff's surgery was, of course, July 4th. The kids went with GrandDad to Naomi's cook out, but I didn't want to leave Jeff there all by himself, so I just stayed home. We did not do anything, Jeff was not able to. The kids came home around 11 and said they had a really good time. Naomi and Jerry had taken them to see some fireworks and they all said that it was a wonderful show. It was at that point that I decided that I might as well just stay up because it was almost midnight and since I would need to get up around 4:30 or 5, I might as well stay up. I could sleep at the hospital, or so I thought...

So, I started doing some cleaning. At around 2:30 am, I couldn't stay awake any longer, so I decided to go to bed for a couple of hours. I set my alarm for 4:45, ended up getting up at 5am, took a shower and got everything to load in the car. Jeff was already awake, he had succeeded in staying up (he had slept most of the day before) so he was ready to go. I got his overnight bag in the car, put the pillows in the back seat for him to lay on, and we were on our way.

We arrived at the hospital at around 6:10 - he was supposed to be there by 6:30 so we had plenty of time to get in there. As there were not many people there yet, the parking lot was practically empty and we got a first place parking space, right near the door! :) Such a big difference from the week before!

We went in, signed in, and took a seat. They had given us a pager for when they were ready for him. So we just sat and talked, made jokes and waited. It didn't take long before the pager went off and Jeff was taken back to get ready. So, looking around, I found a couch in a less used area and went over there to sit. I'm not real comfortable sleeping in public places, so I just read the book I brought until they paged me to go sit with him while he waited.

The pager went off around 7:30 and I was taken back to sit with him in the small curtained off area. Doctors and nurses came and went, checking different things on his chart, asking questions and such. His surgery was scheduled for 8:30.

He said he should have gotten a tatoo of Sponge Bob and Patrick digging a ditch on his butt so the surgical staff would get a good laugh when they flipped him over to do the surgery. That would be very funny... We talked in hushed tones because there were so many other people around. I got to sit in a comfortable recliner and could have easily gone to sleep. His mom and sister arrived around 8:00 and I was asked to leave because the room was too small for so many people. It really wasn't that bad, but I left and stood out in the hall area waiting.

I watched people walking around, answering phones, going in and out of curtained areas. Around 8:20 am I was able to go back into his 'room' until it was time to go. Barb and Naomi went out to the waiting area at that point. Two nurses came in, an older woman and a young guy. She was instructing the young guy on what to look for in the chart, what to check on, and what questions to ask. Then she said, "There isn't an RPH in here, there is usually an RPH in here. I wonder why there isn't one here."

She continued to leaf through the pages looking for the RPH until I finally asked, "What does that stand for?"

"Recent Physical History" I think she said, although "Recent Patient History" makes more sense. Anyway, it was a history of Jeff's medical stuff. :) She said Dr. P always included that, she couldn't understand why it wasn't in there. She went off to call someone to get it faxed and left the new guy in our room. He began leafing through the paperwork on the clip board, too. He appeared a little nervous, so I think he was just trying to look like he was doing something important. I don't remember him saying much. The older nurse came back and said that she had called them and they were going to be faxing the document that was needed. They could not proceed with the surgery without it.

I wondered if it made Jeff nervous to have a new guy in the surgery room with him? I didn't say anything though, because if he hadn't thought about it, I did not want to bring it up. They finally got the paper that they needed (via fax) at around 8:40 - not too bad - and they began to wheel him down the hall. I got to walk next to him until we reached the waiting room doors, but since they had not begun the medication to put him under yet, he did not say anything silly like the last time.

I went out to the waiting room and joined Barb, Naomi, and Jerry (who had been parking the car when Barb and Naomi were in with Jeff). We sat and talked, telling funny stories that made us all laugh. We all took turns going to the gift shop and looking around, and just walking around for a break. The time actually flew by, and before long there was a nurse asking if we were the ones with Jeff - they had been trying to page us to talk to the doctor, but the pager was not going off. So we all went to talk to the doctor - the surgery went fine, he was able to remove the ruptured part of the disk and everything went fine. He was now in recovery and would be in a room for us to visit in about 1 1/2 hours.

It was around 10:30, so that meant we had until noon. They gave us his room number and we went back to our little waiting area to wait some more. Jerry had been looking at a magazine which had homes for sale in it and had found what he thought were perfect houses for me and Naomi.

The one he picked out for me was in a wooded area and had separate housing for guest (he felt this would be the perfect place to put the kids), a chef's kitchen, a pool (I think!), and a 5 car garage. Yep, sounds good to me! Too bad it was in Columbus and way out of my price range!

Naomi's was considered an "entertainers home" where there were a bunch of fire places, a very nice pool, a spiral staircase, and a whole lot of open spaces! OK my memory is not that great and I can't remember all of the details for both houses... :)

They were both beautiful houses, and it gave us something to do for a little while. At around 11:45 we decided to go on up to the floor he was going to be on and wait in that waiting room. It was much quieter up there. I went to the room he was supposed to be in around 12:10, but he was not there yet, so I went back to the waiting area. Around 12:30, he was finally in there, but had apparently just gotten there. I had barely said hi when she came in and closed the curtain around him and started asking questions and checking his bandages.

I waited for her to finish and went to get the rest of the crew waiting. Being the bad patient that he is, he was begging for one of us to slip him some food. He was not allowed to eat for at least 2 hours, and then it would be a liquid diet. His mom had brought him a little basket of chocolate, he also had some lifesavers in his bag, as well as a variety of other snacks he had packed. Naomi also had brought with her some Cheez-its - which is one of his favorites. He managed to talk me out of a single lifesaver before anyone else came in - he said he had a bad taste in his mouth and begged... so I gave in.

Then he managed to talk Naomi out of a single cracker.

He wanted the chocolate very badly, but Barb was very firm with her "no." Of course he pouted, but that did not change anything.

He then said that nurses kept coming in and looking at his butt. That they all must be talking about him somewhere because they kept coming in and making him roll over so that they could see his butt. *rolling my eyes* Couldn't possibly have anything to do with the fact that his incision was on his lower back... no, it has to be his butt they're checking out! :)

Anyway, as you can see, his sense of humor is still intact. Barb, Naomi, and Jerry had to leave to go to their respective jobs, so I pulled up a chair and sat next to the bed with him. We talked, whispering a lot because there was another patient in the bed next to him. It was an older man who was trying to get released from the hospital. They came in to take him for a walk around before he could go and one of the ladies said, "I'm gonna tell you 3 words now, and when we return you will have to tell me what those 3 words are - Table, pencil, tennis."

The man turned to his wife and said, "Write those down, will ya?" Which brought laughter from all. Jeff looked concerned and after they left he said, "You should write those on my hand really quick because I will never remember those!"

Rolling my eyes again I said, "First of all, if they were to do the test to you tomorrow, they probably would have different words! Second of all, I don't think they are going to test YOUR memory so that you can leave. I think he might be in here for a different reason than you are!"

I managed to not give in to all of his requests for food, no matter how much he begged. They then brought a tray of food in for him - all liquids of course. Chicken broth, jello, cranberry juice, orange Italian Ice, lemon-lime soda, and coffee. The broth was in a bowl sitting on a plate - a very thick plate. Jeff thought there was something under the plate and was very disappointed to find there was nothing.

I stayed while he ate, and a bit longer after that, then it was time for me to go. I needed to get home and relieve Jim of my kids - he had come over to watch them while I was at the hospital. I went home, took a nap, went to the store, fixed dinner, then went to bed around 10. It was a long day, and I was very tired. There was a lot that needed to be done on Thursday, too, so I needed a good night's sleep. :)

Oldie, but Goodie :)

OK, some of you may remember this from a few years ago - I think this was an email Jeff sent to some people. But I came across it and re-read it, and thought I would post it on my blog. :) I am not the author, but I am re-publishing it.... This was when Conor was a small, small baby.

Hi, Yeah it's me Conor,
I know what you're thinking, "How can a baby write e-mails or even use a computer?" Well it's not easy let me tell you, especially when I can't even hold my head up very well 7ugrhio;ioyu;sior SEE WHAT I MEAN!?! ... my head keeps falling down and hitting the keyboard. Plus I have a very limited vocabulary, as a matter of fact I don't really have a vocabulary at all, but this computer has a pretty good spell checker so it fixes my GOO when I really mean to say GAA.
I've been trying to think of what my first real word should be, you know it's a very important part of a baby's life, or so I gather. I have actually been talking all along but it seems as though that is not good enough for everyone. There's this real old guy who keeps saying DADA over and over in my ear and he won't get away, his beard keeps scratching my cheek, whenever I scream at him to get him away he just laughs at me. There's this lady, or it could be two of them, who keeps trying to get me to say MAMA. I haven't figured out if there is one or two of them because she holds her face really close to mine and it makes my eyes cross and then I lose my focus, it's quite disconcerting as you can imagine, but she or they sure is or are nice. There are also these two girls who both say their names are Sissy. One has brown hair and one has blond and it's all rather confusing, I just call them both AAARRrrraaahhhhggg and they don't seem to mind. tyjnhiugfh89rty9srt Sorry there goes my head again. I'm not really sure what my first word should be, but I think it might be BAABAA. It's rather strange I know to make a sound like a wooly animal just to get food, but someone is always asking me, "Do you want a BAABAA?" then next thing I know there's food.
That is an interesting topic, food. I don't know if you can really call it food, what they give me. At first it was kind of tasty this white stuff, but it is starting to get old. That ugly guy with the beard gave me something really delicious the other day, it was cold and white and creamy out of a container. Everyone else was eating it too, but those two ladies or lady shouted, "Don't give that baby I Scream." I'm sure I don't know what the big deal was, that stuff was really good, weird name though. Sometimes I like to suck on my fingers and I don't really know why but they taste pretty good. There is a blanket too that has a good flavor that has ducks all over it. I like to stare at this blanket because of the bright colors, it's very relaxing, but before I know it I am asleep again. I like to sleep when I am not eating.
I don't get out too much, I imagine the other Eskimos here at the North Pole don't either. The few times I've been outside there's all this cold white stuff everywhere and I wonder if it's I Scream. I sometimes wish I were born in Congo or Australia so I can go around naked all the time. I try to tell everyone this but they don't listen. They start to take off all my clothes but I never get to stay that way long. There's this blue thing that's filled with warm water I like to play in, but just when I get comfortable they drag me out of it and stuff me into some ridiculous thing with some class of a bear, puppy or amphibious creature on it. I yell and holler as loud as I can but they just don't get it. It's all quite embarrassing and tedious.
Most of the time I am looking at the ceiling, until I cry and someone's face appears. I like to make a game out of this when I get bored. I smile and coo and then pretend to go to sleep, then when no one is around I cry, and someone shows up. Everywhere I go I see these spinning things that blow air around and stick out of the ceilings. I went to this one place with the goofy guy who wears glasses and the ceiling was very high. There were bright colors everywhere and boxes of all kinds of stuff, I even saw someone my age there who was screaming and crying. He had a glazed look in his eyes and I started to cry too, but got to looking around and forgot all about it. When we were just getting ready to leave I saw a big silver thing with large bird with large yellow feathers, floating in the air and it made me really happy and I smiled and tried to talk to it. There was a long string attached to it and I knew I could never reach it. I hope I can go back again and see it someday.
Also I have been a couple other places. Sissy and Sissy call her Mimi and she is real nice. She plays music for me and she lets me sleep on a real soft bed. There is a cool blanket there too with black and white stripes that hypnotize me while I listen to classical music. I prefer Vivaldi as he is particularly soothing. I have been to Nana's as well. Her ceilings are really awsome, she has a square hole in her roof. I can watch the clouds float by while I listen to music from operas. She is nice too but she has an annoying habit of flashing bright lights in my face.
I am mostly a homebody though. I've got some really great plans of what I am going to do as soon as I figure out how to move my arms and legs around. I see stuff all over I can get into. There's this other guy who is older and even uglier then the guy with the beard. He keeps an eye on me in the mornings and gives me a bottle every now and then. He is really nice to me and he carries me around sometimes. One day he took me in front of the mirror and I saw myself. At first I thought it was another baby but I figured it out after awhile. I really am cute!! I was checking myself out and then the big jerk walked away from the mirror. I cried for awhile and then he gave me a bottle so figured I shouldn't complain.
Well everyone, I got to go. You can't imagine how hard it is to type this and it's time for my seventh nap anyway. Also I will probably have a little trouble proofreading this and getting the spell check to work so I'll sign off.
Love, Conor :)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My Hotel Room in Florida

OK, I know it is long overdue (I am quite behind on updating my blog with pics) but here is the Hotel and room I stayed in while I was in Florida. :)

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Cooking With Naomi

Naomi has started to teach the girls how to cook. So far there have been 2 cooking sessions with her, and both times the meals were fabulous! It is wonderful to be able to come home from work and have dinner ready and waiting for me!! :)

The first dinner was Appetizer of Fruit (Strawberries and grapes) with fruit dip, Salad, Lemon Herb Chicken, Southern potato wedges, and chocolate mousse pie. Wonderful!

The second dinner was Salad, Spaghetti, Garlic toast, Red White and Blue Jello dessert, as well as cookies. Also wonderful!

The girls are having fun learning to cook and they are also learning table etiquette. They also have a list of things that then cannot say, and more appropriate alternatives that they can. For example, they cannot say "Ewwww, I don't like this!" An alternative to that is, "I have tried this and I do not care for it, so I will not have anymore." Or something like that - don't quote me! :) They are also working on complimenting each other on things they are doing well - being positive to one another.

So far, the cooking team consists of Allie, Ceara, Nikki, Kaitlyn, and aunt Naomi. They have done an excellent job!!

Now we are going to throw Conor into the mix and see how well they do with that! :)