Sunday, September 30, 2018


In September, the sunflowers were huge - th girls loved going out and taking pictures with them.  This first picture is the screen saver on my phone - they're so happy and it's very colorful.

We made glow-in-the-dark slime for the first time.

I made my first wedding cake and cupcakes.  The cake was small - I don't have big pans, only the ones I use for the girls' birthdays.  But they were happy with what I had.  

Oliver and Thea joined the family - brother and sister cats that Conor brought home with him from the wedding.

The girls love the kittens.  

Lily's school picture

Ceara had pictures done of her, Rylee and Carter.  They are amazing.

Stolen from Ceara's FB:  

Even 9 month olds like pizza!

Ready for school!

His very own fort.

September Universal Yums was Thailand - Rylee missed it.  

Lily got a bunch of musical instruments out to play with.  

Then fell asleep with her baby doll.

Conor's school picture

And Carter turned 9 months!

I got a clip on lens kit for my phone camera, so I was playing with it in the back yard with the girls.

Homecoming dance - doesn't he look thrilled?