Saturday, February 24, 2018

February Fridays

I'm almost caught up!  It is still February, and I'm posting the Feb pictures!  Although, now that I've gone through my pictures, I only have pictures from 2 of the Fridays, and one was only of the boy. 

Doesn't he look cute in his car seat?

Lily held Carter for the first time on Feb 23rd - when he was just a day shy of 2 months old.  

And since it was a night of firsts... Conor held Carter for the first time as well.  Carter was all smiles for Uncle Conor.

He was jabbering up a storm!

Meanwhile, Pops took the girls to the dollar store and let them both spend $5 each on whatever they wanted.  They both got a barrel of slime that they played with for the majority of the night. 

They even took their socks off and put their feet in it.  Fun stuff.  

They got some of that bubble stuff too.  No, not bubbles like for outside / soap bubbles.  The kind where you put goop on the end of a straw and blow and it forms a bubble.  Although I had to start each bubble and let them finish them.  Other selections were edible - candy.

We watched Coco and ate junk and fun was had by all. 

Carter was very awake and animated for a lot of the time he was here.

January Fridays

Since I'm still playing catch-up on our Fridays with the girls, and the winter months are not as active or full of as many pictures, I'm just going to put all of January's pictures in one post.

Games were played - Monopoly with Pops and Uncle Conor in these pictures.

It was Monopoly Jr, so there were only 4 players allowed and it did not take as long as regular Monopoly.

I'm not sure who won.

We also get baby snuggles weekly so far.  Ceara used to barely come in when dropping Rylee off, but she has been staying for a while since having Carter.

The girls colored and we baked shrinky dinks.  Anyone remember those?  I remember them smelling funny as they baked when I was younger, but they didn't have much of a smell when we did them in January.  

We love having them do creative things. 

Sometimes, they just go in circles.

Pops got some baby snuggles in too.

Here they are after being shrunk! 

Those were the most exciting things that happened during January on Fridays.  Well, other than Rylee's birthday party, but that was on Saturday and they stayed with Mimi the Friday night before so I could work on the cake.  We mostly just watched movies.  And colored - there is always coloring to fall back on.  Although sometimes, I just forget to take pictures.  :)

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Fridays with the girls (2017)

Lily and Rylee spend almost every Friday night with us.  The Spring and Summer months are the best, since we can do more outside activities.  Here are some highlights from 2017:

We built a Frozen Lego Castle together, it took a while, but both of them helped until the end. 

Mimi and Lily made these delicious strawberry cupcakes that everyone loved. 

Granddad got a marble maze for Conor to put together with the girls.  They enjoyed just stacking them. 

Conor helped them build an actual maze further down, but they enjoyed just stacking them when he wasn't here to help.

We made a huge mess making cupcakes.  They chose their own liners, then filled them.

Just a little bit was outside of the cupcake liners...

Their favorite colors this year are Blue for Lily, and purple for Rylee.  I made icing in each color and they decorated their cupcakes.  They were delicious.  :)

They spent a lot of days working with Play-doh in the play shed. 

They helped me decorate Rylee's birthday cake.  

Here Conor is helping them put the maze together as intended.  

More cupcakes - they will be pro decorators when they are older.  :)  By the way - Lily has on eye makeup that Rylee brought to share.  Just so you don't think she has a black eye!

Rylee was concentrating so hard.  

 And the finished products!  Not bad for a 4 and 5 year old, huh?  Lily turned 6 in 2017, but not until May.

Rylee and I made pink Rice Krispy Squares one weekend when Lily wasn't here.

Lily moved into a new house this year and here is her bedroom:

Gage's 15th Birthday Pary

We all enjoyed the coffee toffee ice cream cake.  <3 p="">

Rylee loved wearing her Easter hat - even before Easter.

Conor playing soccer with Lily.

Coloring Easter Eggs outside

Rylee got bored with it and so I didn't get a picture of her with her eggs that night.

But the next day at Mimi's house, she did.  

Going through their baskets to find the good stuff.

Hunting for eggs:

Going through the eggs 

Relaxing in the hammock chair

Conor pushing them on the swing

Playing at Mimi's house:

Lily's birthday party game - Pie In the Face was fun:

These doors were painted last year, and these are the "before" pictures:

We painted them white again and they repainted in 2017.

They helped to plant seeds in the spring and prepare for the garden

Lily, relaxing in the Hammock chair.

A girl and her dog

Picking Strawberries

Petting goats

Eating the candy we bought them when we paid for the Strawberries.

Trip to Loveland Castle.

They had fun exploring the castle.

The stairs were so steep and Rylee scared me every time we went up and down.  Her fearlessness stresses me out!  

Rylee refused to sit and get her picture taken with Conor and Lily.  

It's hard to get her to sit still for a picture most days.  

Rylee announced her promotion to big sister:

And then the repainting begins - blank slates for both:

Pops helped by outlining things they requested so they could paint pictures.

Rylee's finished door:

Lily's finished door:

This was just a nice day to sit outside, but they were watching videos on the phone.

Lily was missing her two front teeth at this point, so she was eating the peach with her side teeth. 

Lily's dance recital:

Rylee licking the beater from the Pavlova I made

Then helping me with the dishes:

Picking Black Raspberries in the back yard:

Mixing slime in the play shed:

The finished product:

Having dinner on the deck

Playing in the building Pops is working on

Still eating with her side teeth:

Sitting on Poppy's tractor with Ricky 

Tug of war in the back of Pop's truck

Swinging after swimming

Picking "flowers" in the yard

Lily working with clay

Painting her project

It's a dog :)

Finished products:

Love her curls:

Preparing to find rocks to paint

Gathering them in their dresses

Light up boomerang type things...

We had hours of fun shooting them into the sky.  

Swimming with Mimi and Conor

Making more slime:

Gathering more rocks

Rylee bent over laughing

The carnival games practice - hitting the buckets off the ladder:

Painting rocks

Farmer's market on Kid's day - animals to pet,

bouncy house to play in,

story time.  

They were given a craft from the story - it was a horse. 

More rocks to paint

Roasting marshmallows by the campfire

Getting ready for her first game

The only blue ball in a group of pink

Rylee tying Mimi's shoes during Lily's soccer game because she was bored.  

Playing Uno with Lily when Rylee wasn't there - Rylee doesn't like card games yet.  

Helping Pops cover the strawberry plants with straw:

Getting ready to watch a movie:

Making Jello creations:

Coloring giant pictures

Lily's drawing of a giraffe - her favorite animal at the time.

Lily's drawings displayed on the fridge at Mimi's:

Getting ready to play:

Rylee gives great hugs :)

Lily's team:

Rylee with braided pigtails:

Lily pushing Rylee on the swing:

More rocks to paint

Hello Kitty Coloring pages

Rylee enjoying a baby bottle pop at Conor's soccer game:

Dressed for Lily's soccer game:

Swinging at Mimi's 

Princess day at preschool:

Soccer pictures:

The whole team:

Both worn out before us - that didn't happen often!

I do not remember what she was eating...

Rylee walking to the stage for her Christmas program:

After the program, by the decorated trees:

Cracking and eating Black Walnuts with Mimi:

Coloring gift tags Nana printed for them:

Lots of swing time:

Helping to decorate our tree:

Learning to draw with a Sketcher toy:

Playing Monopoly with Conor and Pops

The following 2 videos were done for me by my Google assistant on my phone.  They are similar, mostly because both girls are in most of the videos together.  But one highlights Lily more and one highlights Rylee more.

Lily's Video:


Rylee's video:

There were so many more pictures - but this is a highlight post and long enough.  We have lots of fun every week they are here!  So glad they enjoy coming over and spending time with us!