Saturday, February 24, 2018

February Fridays

I'm almost caught up!  It is still February, and I'm posting the Feb pictures!  Although, now that I've gone through my pictures, I only have pictures from 2 of the Fridays, and one was only of the boy. 

Doesn't he look cute in his car seat?

Lily held Carter for the first time on Feb 23rd - when he was just a day shy of 2 months old.  

And since it was a night of firsts... Conor held Carter for the first time as well.  Carter was all smiles for Uncle Conor.

He was jabbering up a storm!

Meanwhile, Pops took the girls to the dollar store and let them both spend $5 each on whatever they wanted.  They both got a barrel of slime that they played with for the majority of the night. 

They even took their socks off and put their feet in it.  Fun stuff.  

They got some of that bubble stuff too.  No, not bubbles like for outside / soap bubbles.  The kind where you put goop on the end of a straw and blow and it forms a bubble.  Although I had to start each bubble and let them finish them.  Other selections were edible - candy.

We watched Coco and ate junk and fun was had by all. 

Carter was very awake and animated for a lot of the time he was here.


Auntie Mindy said...

I need this baby in my life.

Katie said...

You should come visit, Auntie Mindy! :)

Barb said...

This is amazing to see!!! I remember when Conor was that little! Where has the time gone?? Why does it go so fast?? What do you feed these people???

Katie said...

Conor exists mostly on cheese pizza and mac and cheese. Although he does eat a healthy lunch at school - I make his breakfast and pack his lunch every morning. Smoothie for breakfast, mixed greens salad and yogurt for lunch. :)