Sunday, May 01, 2005

Allie had 2 friends spend the night with her on Friday night, and boy what a night! When we sat down to eat, they were both talking a mile a minute, very loudly, about everything. Conor sat there and just looked at them, I think wondering what language they were speaking, or how they talked THAT fast. And how much could one person giggle, anyway? It was very funny watching him watch them.

So then we had a bit of peace when they went out to the park to play. When they came back, they were bored - wanted to make something. So they made a cake. I gave them some icing, they made different colors and put the icing in bags, and decorated a cake. It was a very interesting cake. We of course took pictures, so if I ever get them developed, I will try to remember to put a picture on here. Then they decided they were going to "shove it in their mouths" kinda like they do at weddings. Giggling girls... They did it. But to give them credit - they cleaned up their messes also.

Then it was hair and make-up time. They did a pretty good job on each other's hair. But we were out of film, so no pictures of that. I think they all had fun while they were here. One thing is for sure - young girls are VERY giggly, and VERY loud! :)

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