Monday, September 19, 2005

He's all better!

Well, Conor is doing much better now. He woke up on Saturday morning and didn't have a temperature. What a huge relief! Allie had a Soccer game on Saturday, but I did not take Conor with me because it was quite chilly that morning and I didn't want to risk him getting sick again. So he went with his Daddy to get "do-dos" (donuts) and visit Grand Dad while we went to the game.

Allie's team was defeated, 3-1, but they did try very hard. Allie played goalie most of the time, a little over 1/2 of the game, and she stopped a LOT of the goals that were attempted. She plays goalie very well. After the game I took her and Ashley (one of her best friends) to the coffee shop I frequent. Neil (one of the owners) has never met Allie, and he knows Conor quite well, so he wanted me to bring Allie in to meet him. They do serve Fruit Smoothies, so Allie did not have to get coffee. :) As Neil is from England, he has an accent that is wonderful to listen to, and Allie and Ashley enjoyed meeting him.

Later that day, Jeff decides that we should go up to Young's Dairy in Yellow Springs so that we can play "Utter's and Putter's" (miniature golf), pet the animals, and get some ice cream. The kids enjoyed it, and Conor loved feeding the goats! We also saw dairy cows, calves, and sheep. We played miniature golf, with Conor hitting his ball, then picking it up and putting it right next to the hole and putting it in. Needless to say, he won. Hee hee. He didn't like the last hole, where you put the ball in but you do not get it back! He was not done playing after all! But then we went for the ice cream, so he was OK after that. He got the blue "cotton candy" flavored ice cream, and got it all over his face and hands! After that, he was tired and ready to go home. We visited the goats one last time, washed our hands, and went home. Conor fell asleep in the car on the way home, and stayed asleep until Sunday morning.

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Barb said...

Yay Allie! Always the go-getter on a soccer field! I wish you a fantastic year!

Young's Dairy, huh? Hmmm I don't remember getting any ice cream!