Monday, March 27, 2006

St. Patrick's Day Pics

Ceara didn't come to our house on this particular weekend, so I was unable to get her posing with the "hat" in the pictures. The hat was actually just a container that cookies came in - not really supposed to be for wearing - it was too small to fit anyone's head, even Conor's! But we though we could get a couple of fun pictures out of it anyway. :)

Allie would look a thousand times better without those bangs in her eyes (that drives me crazy!), but she still looks good posing with the hat.

Conor was too wiggly for it to stay on his head, so Jeff had to hold it up there. He was not thrilled that I took the picture with him holding it, but I loved the look on Conor's face. Besides, I couldn't get a good "still" picture with it on his head because he wouldn't hold still!

Allie didn't wear green on St. Patrick's Day - I think she was hoping to get pinched. But the rest of us did! :) I got to wear my Green Bay Packer's sweatshirt to work. If it would have been a little warmer, I would have worn my Favre jersey. It was a bit chilly and the sweatshirt appealed to me because of the warmth.

Hope everyone had a fun day pinching or getting pinched!


alice said...

I love Allie's bangs. she should let them grow below her eyes and then we can call her "Cousin It"!

Anonymous said...

wut a loser