Monday, October 30, 2006

Daylight Savings Time

Yay! An extra hour this past weekend! Cool, huh? I actually almost forgot about this event, I was kindly reminded on a friends blog (Ellsworth Link - one of my links on the side) that it was coming up. The October event is the good one because that is when we gain an hour. :) So, I was further reminded to set my clocks back when my dad came over Sunday morning to bring us some donuts for breakfast.

I was still in my PJ's when the doorbell rang and Conor ran to the door yelling "I'll get it!" (He loves to answer the door now that he knows how to unlock and open it, which is not good for me!)

So, I'm yelling from my room - "Don't open that door! Wait a minute, don't open the door! Conor.. do you hear me??" As I am rushing to put some clothes on. Two reasons I do not want him to open the door - 1. I have no clue who would be coming over this early on a Sunday and I don't want to be in my PJs for some stranger; and 2. The dogs always rush to the door, too, and I do not want to have to chase either of them around the neighborhood all day if they get out.

I put on a T-shirt and grab my jeans, pulling them on as I am walking to the door. I get there and Conor had patiently waited for me before opening the door. I was holding the dogs, and there stood my dad with a box of donuts. :)

He came in an stayed for a short while, reminding me while he was there that I needed to set my clocks back an hour. So, after he left, I changed the microwave and stove clocks. Then I set my watch correctly. The day went on and I didn't ever change any of the other clocks.

So, last night, as I was getting ready for bed, I noticed my alarm clock was still on the old time. Thinking to myself that I would just leave it be and change the "wake up" time to adjust for it, so that when I was waking up in the morning I might just be too asleep to remember that it was not the right time and I would get up a little earlier. Yeah, I actually thought I could fool myself. :)

I will now back up a bit to say that when Jeff got his new truck, we got 2 sets of keys. Since we are driving it for everything now to keep the miles on my car down (it's a lease and I only get so many miles) I kept a set of truck keys and gave him my spare keys to my car. This was because I am the one who mostly goes places on the weekends and since I would have the truck, if he needed to go somewhere he would have to take my car. When I was driving the truck one day, I noticed that the spare set of keys to my car that I had given him were in the middle console. I remember thinking that it would do him a whole lot of good for them to be there when I had the truck and he needed to go somewhere. But, the thought left my mind and I didn't say anything to him.

Last night, as he was getting his things ready for his overnight run, he wanted to go rent some movies. One of the movies he had rented previously that needed returning was in my car. So, he used my keys and got the movie out, returned them and came back home. He leaves at about 1am, so I was asleep when he left.

When my alarm went off this morning, I did not look at the clock and think, "Oh my gosh, I need to get up!" like I had thought I would. I looked at it, thought to myself "that's not the right time, I can hit snooze a couple of times and still make it on time" and I hit snooze. I did still get up a little earlier than I normally would. I got ready, woke Conor up and got him ready, then started getting everything together to walk out the door. I couldn't find my keys. Not in my purse, not on the counter in the kitchen, not in any place I would normally put them. So I thought about where they could be. I hadn't driven my car all weekend, I had only driven the truck. Then I remembered Jeff used them to unlock my car and get the movie. I thought, "Surely he didn't take them with him?" I started looking around where he would have put them. On his computer desk, in his place on the entertainment center, everywhere. I finally called his cell phone. No answer, but I left a message. I continued to look for them in any odd place I could think of. I checked his pockets from the pants he had worn last night, coat pockets, under things... everywhere. They were not there.

I tried to call him again. No answer. I called my work and told them what was going on, and that I would figure something out when Jeff called back - that maybe he put them somewhere where I'm not looking. In the mean time, I would just log into our work system from home and do what I could from there.

I spent over an hour looking for the keys. I finally gave up and called Jim - Jeff's dad. I woke him up. I explained the situation and since I could not be without a vehicle until Jeff returned Tuesday night, I needed a ride to Jeff's work so that I could either get my keys from his truck, or if they were not there, I would take the truck and just pick him up when he returned home Tuesday night.

Since he had just woken up, he needed a little time to get ready and come over. In the mean time, Jeff called. He said that he used his set to open my car - or so he thought. He was looking through his bags while talking to me. He kept saying, "They have to be there. Did you look ...." and suggested different places he thought they might be. Then, "Oh, no. Here they are. I have them. I am so sorry. I can't believe I did that."

"Oh, well, nothing you can do about it now. Your dad is going to take me to get your truck."

"How will I get home then?"

"I will come and pick you up - if you get back before I get off, you will have to wait for me."

"The other set is in the console in my truck. I have yours, but the spare set is in my truck. Could you just get the keys and have my dad take you back home to get your car."

"Yeah, I can do that."

So, Jim came and picked Conor and me up, we drove to his work and found his truck. My keys were in the console, so I got them and we returned to the house to get my car. We had to go inside to get Conor's things for the sitter's house. Upon entering the house, I smelled something... I looked around, and yep, there it was near the girl's rooms. Teddy had apparently had to go to the bathroom really bad (he had just been out right before we left! Why didn't he go then??) so he choose to go in the hallway between their rooms. Eeewwww! Perfect. Now I had to clean that up before I could leave to go to work. I put the dogs outside and I cleaned it up. Conor said, "My nose can still smell it."

"Yeah, it might take a while for the smell to be gone." I got the carpet cleaner from under the sink and a towel to clean the spot. After I sprayed the cleaner on the carpet, the smell of the cleaner over took the "other" smell.

"Now my nose smells that it's clean!" lol :)

Anyway, I finally got to work around 11am. So much for the time change giving me plenty of time in the mornings! It's a good thing I have an understanding boss.

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Work Bud said...

Get to sleep in an extra hour? HA! Not in my household. As soon as the sun comes up, so does my little girl. So now the sun comes up earlier...guess who else does too! I just can't win :-)