Monday, November 13, 2006

Day 4 - Leaving Vermont

On Tuesday, we were to began our trip back towards Ohio. Before we left the area, we headed back to the lake for a morning walk along the water - Lake Champlain. We had wanted to do this the prior day, but we had done so many other things and everyone was tired, so we just figured we would do it in the morning before we left.

The kids had fun walking along the rocks near the water; they were very careful and the girls assisted Conor from rock to rock when there was a gap bigger than what his legs could handle.
Here's Mom sitting and enjoying the scenery. There were several bench swings along the path.
As you can see by the look on his face, Conor was having lots of fun. :)

Conor wanted to try to pet the birds, so he walked very quietly up to them, but they got away before he reached them.

Of course I made everyone pose for a picture opp on the swings! :) Right after this picture we loaded back into the van to begin the trip to Niagara Falls. Below are some pictures I took of the scenery as we were driving.

The route Jeff chose looked like it had a road to New York, but when we reached the end of Vermont we found that there was no road, but a ferry that takes both passengers and vehicles across the water to the opposite side. It was really cool, the kids were all excited that we got to ride to the other side, and that the van got to go, too. We were also lucky because the ferry only operated during certain times of the year, and they were getting ready to close it down for the winter season.

Above is the car that was coming from New York to Vermont while we waited. We were the first in line to get on the ferry when it came. Below are pictures from onboard the ferry - I do not know why the 2 directly below decided to change formatting and go side-to-side, but with all the problems I have had loading pictures I decided to just leave them.

Above is the line of cars on the ferry - we drove the blue van that is in the front. Below is the dock on Vermont's side that we had just left.

When we got close to the dock, we all piled back into the van to prepare to drive off of the ferry. I had driven the van onto the ferry, and Jeff was driving it off. Funny thing about the van is that the sliding doors in the back will not operate if the vehicle is in drive. What makes that funny (strange) is that when the doors are OPEN and you put the van in drive, they will not CLOSE. Thus the reason we held up all the other people who were trying to exit the ferry - Conor opened the sliding door right before Jeff put the van in drive and we were all trying to close the door but it would not go. We finally got the door closed, and even though only a short time had passed, it felt like forever - the ferry people came to the window to see why we were not driving off. So, when we came to the welcome sign, Jeff did not want to go slow - he didn't want to irritate all the people behind us again, but I managed to get the picture anyway. :)

Below are some pictures I took as we were driving through the Adirondack Mountains in New York.

We stopped for lunch at a McDonald's, because we didn't want to take too much time. We got somewhere near Niagara Falls and it was close to 6:30 PM so we decided to stop and get hotel rooms for the night and go to the falls the next morning. We checked in and got the van unloaded and since everyone was hungry, they decided to walk to the nearby Bob Evans and get dinner. I chose to just stay in the hotel room and Jeff brought me back some food. We all went to bed relatively early to get a good nights sleep for our final day of Niagara Falls and the trip home.


Barb said...

Oh, my favorite time of the year and all the color is gorgeous! Your pictures are wonderful - puts me right there with you!! These will make a great scrapbook, Katie!!

Alikat Corner said...

Ummmm, yeah. If I ever get around to scrap-booking them! Lord knows I have all of the tools to do it, just not the time or the free space to work on it and be able to leave it out with out the dogs or kids knocking it around! :)

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures! Wish I were there. I want to taste the ice cream too.

Matt said...

Debra and I are constantly impressed that you manage to avoid being in *ANY* of the pictures. One of those girls should grab the camera away from you and start snappin'! :)

Alikat Corner said...

Oh, I am in some of the pictures, I just don't post them. :) I do not like pictures of myself. :)

Oh, and in my next post, if you look hard enough, you will see me.

Barb said...

.........I have some!!

Alikat Corner said...

Stop it! You are not allowed to give out or post pictures of me!!! :P I will find one I like to put on here ... if you promise not to send any of those "surprise" pictures you take!!