Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My Birthday

OK, so.. I went back to last years posts to see if I set any kind of goals for myself on my last birthday - but.. no, I did not. Good thing, though, because I do not think they would have been accomplished with the year I have had.

While I have tried to keep my blog funny and upbeat, I realized after reading through the last year of it, that it's not really a true telling of our lives. But.. who wants to remember the bad stuff, right? Anyway, I have thought about whether I should put the bad stuff on here or not and decided against it. It is so much more fun to write funny stuff! :)

So, I'm 34 today. I think the "goals" I have set for myself in the past were with a time frame of 35 years old. Now I only have a year left to accomplish these goals. I better get started. :)

One thing I am trying to accomplish is to rid my life of useless "stuff" that I have accumulated over the years and never really did anything with it. I have dishes / baking supplies / scrap booking stuff / CDs / books / all kinds of things that I like, but I simply do not want them taking up space in my house any longer. And yes, I am getting rid of a lot of my cake pans. I have accumulated so many over the years that I have made cakes and I just do not want them any longer.

I need to have a sale of some sort, but to do that I need to take the time to sort it all out. That is what I am hoping to accomplish with the remaining days this week.

Allie's birthday is Friday, too, so that is another thing I have to prepare for. :) Oh, and I will have more pictures taken that will be "waiting in line" for me to post. *sigh* I really need to remember to upload them when I am at home sometime.

Hope everyone has a happy 4th of July (Independence Day!!) tomorrow!


Misty said...

Happy Birthday to you and Allie!!!

barb said...

Happy Birthday Katie!!

I wish you the best year ever! Don't forget this year IS your 35th year!! I wish you the best in de-cluttering, re-organizing and re-prioritizing your stuff! When you're done, can you come over here??

Auntie Mindy said...

Hey! OMG! I had no idea I was SO much older than you... how did that happen??

So... did you know I'm the QUEEN of Getting Rid of Stuff? You get me to Ohio and I'll spend a week helping you organize. Whaddya say?

Katie said...

You don't really know what you are getting yourself into, do ya? :) I might just take you up on that offer!

Barb said...

Auntie Mindy isn't kidding!!! She gets rid of stuff faster than I could ever buy it!