Thursday, January 17, 2008

A few pictures from the holidays

Since blogger now limits the amount of pictures you can put on your blog by the amount of space they take, I decided to upload smaller pictures.

From our family gathering:

The Santa bag is searched for the toys to hand out, Conor and Gage wait a little impatiently. :)
Everyone is watching something that is on the TV - I don't remember if this was the movie, or the football game..

Below, on the left, is Pete - the instigator.

Below are pictures from our Christmas Eve at my Mom's house.

Conor and Gage opening their gifts:

Allie and Ceara - they are never usually very far from the other. I am really glad they are such good friends.

Molly making bunny ears behind the boy's heads, but her fingers kinda blend in with the curtains behind her.

Molly and her two boys, Austin and Gage:

The grand kids (note in the background our senior pictures... Molly so had the "big hair" going on):

My assistant chefs when we were baking:

They were so helpful!

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