Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy Sweet 16, Alli

Since Alli's 16th birthday fell on a Monday (the 6th), we had her party on the 5th. Being a holiday weekend, there were a lot of friends and family out of town, or had to work, so it was a small affair.

Here is Allie with her friends and Ceara on the couch hangin' out while we waited for people (Molly) to arrive.

I decided to try to make a three layer cake with fondant - my first attempt. I'll maybe remember to post some of the process of that at another time. It turned out fairly well, although it may be my first and last fondant cake!

I found some crazy looking spiral candles for the cake. I had 16 little roses on the top that I could have put the candles in, but they were made from the fondant and were too hard to put the candles through.

You can't tell in this picture, but I wrote "Sweet Sixteen Allie" on the board the cake was on. Alli prefers to spell her name without the "e" so she swiped off the "e" when I wasn't looking.

For the most part, she got what she wanted - money.

And some hair care products.

And some clothes - I actually picked some out that she liked! Only one return! Woot! Of course, Ceara went with me and helped!

Lots of funny cards... was I the only one who got her a sentimental one?!?!

She also got a toothbrush from Peepaw (my dad) - think he's trying to tell her something? lol

She has her temps, but so far hasn't driven that much. She's not in a big hurry to get her license like I was when I was her age. And I'm perfectly OK with that. We can delay the gray hairs for as long as she wants!
Happy Sweet 16th Birthday, Alli. I love you, and am very proud of the young woman you have become.


Misty said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALLI!! How fun, 16 years old!!
Katie-I love the cake and have always been interested in fondant and it looks really good too!! Was it hard to make? I was just wondering why you said you won't be making another one :)

Barb said...

Happy 16Th Alli!! I'm sorry I had to be at work for your special day, but I have a gift for you....does that count??
I wish you many great birthdays to come!

love Nana

p.s. Thanks for sharing the pics Katie! Really cute cake and I love the candles! You come up with some of the best stuff!!