Monday, January 25, 2010

Few things

Yes, I am aware that I have been neglecting you all lately, and I would like to make up for that. So... I was thinking. I know Feb is the shortest month of the year, but it is perfect for me to promise to post every day in Feb. A little blurb, a picture, an actual post maybe. I think I can do that for 28 days in a row.

Wait, it's not leap year is it?

Whew. It's not. That extra day may have made me rethink this whole thing.

Anyway, can you believe this is the last week of January?!?! Few things happening in our world. I should try to space it all out in multiple posts starting on Feb. 1st, but I'll just go ahead and tell you. Hopefully there will be other things to tell in Feb and you won't have to read random thoughts of the day or anything. I'm not promising anything though.

Jeff started a new job this past Saturday. He had 2 job offers and chose to go with a new employer over the one he has been doing jobs with for the last year or so. This is going to be a big difference if two days are any indication. He went to work at 8am (left the house) on Saturday morning and didn't get home until after 10pm Saturday night. Of course, a couple of those hours were spent hanging out with his new geek friends coworkers. He called me Saturday night and wasn't going to go with them, but I told him to go and have fun bonding with his new geeks coworkers. I'm a great girlfriend like that. :)

It does appear that he is going to have quite a busy schedule for this job though. Like... 65 hours a week of work busy. Or more. Like today for instance. He had to be at one site by 7:30am and will be there until noon or so, then has to go to a different site at 4pm and stay there until midnight. Then get up and do it all again tomorrow at 7:30am. Rough.

I have been fighting a cold / sinus / allergy type thing all weekend. Well, it started last Thursday, but got worse over the weekend. However, I did manage to get a few things accomplished despite that over the weekend. On Saturday, Conor and I went shopping - picked up a few things for the house and more importantly (to him anyway) he got to use some of his Christmas money to buy Bakugan. He is so happy about those little balls - I think this is his first real "thing" that he has been into. He started bringing these little balls home from school that his friends let him borrow a couple of weeks ago. They are actually pretty cool. They are like transformers, only ... better. They are little balls and when you touch part of it to a metal surface, it pops open into this alien looking creature. Yes, I know there is more to it than that - there are cards, and it is a game, too. The creatures do "battle" with their special abilities and that's the limit of my knowledge about these things. Except for Conor loves them. He was so happy. And so excited to take them and show his friends at school.

We also went and signed up at the new YMCA that was built near our house. I'm sure the lady who gave us the tour thought I was crying because my eyes were watering so much. Now whether she thought they were tears of joy or sadness, I'll never know. Conor was ready to jump into the pool at that very moment - who cares if he had a suit or not? We weren't prepared to do anything that day, but we did return on Sunday - I felt a little better, and I did promise after all.

So, on Sunday Conor and I went and picked Ceara up and went to play at the Y. We started with basketball - at first Conor was making 5 times as many baskets as Ceara and I put together. We did get better though. It's just going to take a little practice! Then moved onto air hockey, taking turns playing the winner.

Ceara and Conor went to play ping pong while I went in the exercise room because kids under 10 aren't allowed in there and Ceara is a great big sister like that, she likes spending time with Conor. After I was done, I joined them at the ping pong table and took over for Ceara so she could go, but she preferred to just stay and watch us. Probably because we looked so professional playing. Not.

It was a blast. And good that it wasn't crowded with people back there. It was at the end of a hallway. That little ball bounced all over the place. Conor was running all over on his side, trying to hit it back to me. We played it off the floor, the walls, the table sometimes when it accidentally hit on it. But we had fun. Lots of laughing. :)

No, we didn't go swimming on Sunday either, much to Conor's disappointment. I found that he doesn't have a suit that fits him anymore and now will have to try to find a store that is selling swim trunks in the middle of winter. I assured him he would have plenty of opportunities to swim this week - I'm not positive we are going tonight, but we will definitely be going Tuesday night. There is a Zumba dance class that I want to take.

So I have until tomorrow to find some swim trunks. Anyone know where there might be some?


Barb said...

Bunch of bottom lines:
1. Yay for more posting!
2. Poor Jeff it sounds grueling.
3. Poor Katie, hope you feel better soon.
4. Ceara is a good kid!
5. So glad Conor got the toys he wanted
6. Yay for joining the Y!
7. Try a thrift shop or Goodwill for the swim suit?

Misty said...

Hope that you get to feeling better! You may try a sporting store...we were at one yesterday and they had out bathing suits for the girls. If I remember right, isn't there a Dick's or something along those lines near the Dayton Mall?

Katie said...

Ooooo didn't think of that, thanks, Misty! That's right up the road from work. I might go during lunch. MIGHT. I hate the Dayton Mall area... but I may try some sports stores in Middletown. :) And nothing against thrift / goodwill stores, but I don't really feel comfortable with buying used swim suits.

Misty said...

You're welcome!! I don't blame you that area can be crazy! I couldn't remember if there were any in Middletown or not...maybe a Hibbett Sports?

Mayo said...

Odd coincidence, I was at Wally World today and couldn't believe they had their swimsuits out already. Then I read this post and had to laugh. I foresee K taking a trip to Wally World in her future....

Katie said...

Already tried Wally World. :( The one near me doesn't have any out. =\