Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Review

2017 was a rough year. The problems with Allie that began at the end of 2016 and continued into 2017. I'm not going to go into that on here - it's just not something I wish to share publicly.

Jack's diagnosis at the beginning of the year was heartbreaking. They predicted 6 months to a year, but that didn't come close to the time we had left with him.  He passed on March 18th at hospice.  He did everything for me that a dad should do. There is not a time in my life that I don't remember him being there. Growing up he always said, "I hate a liar worse than anything."  And that shaped me.  He taught me how to play poker.  He taught me how to change a tire.  He taught me how to sand and stain wood. He taught me to use a hammer and a screwdriver.  He taught me how to use a saw.  He taught me how to fix things.  He was the one I called whenever anything broke and I needed advice on how to fix it or who to call.  He loved me as a daughter, he loved my children, and he loved my grandchildren.  And we all love him.  I will always miss him.

We had the girls (Lily and Rylee) almost every Friday night and this year, and we did many activities.  I wish I would have been posting more of those to this blog instead of just Facebook, but... I'll try to catch up with pictures on here someday.  For myself and them to look back on.

Conor finished 8th grade and began as a Freshman in High School.  In 8th grade, he took an engineering class and loved it.  He downloaded software for a 3D printer and designed items on it that his teacher printed on his 3D printer.  His summer was spent conditioning for soccer tryouts.  Every day he went to the soccer field and practiced.  He also got a summer job.  14 years old and he asked his friend's dad if he could get a job working at his engineering company - and he said yes.  So 2 days a week he would work 8am - 3pm.  He occasionally got to work 3 days.  He loves making his own money.  His Freshman year he is taking all the requisites, of course, but 2 of them are Honors classes - Geometry and Biology.  He is also taking Algebra II.  He feels so good when he gets good grades.  He's also still growing.  I believe he started the year at 6'1" and ended at 6'4".  He worked at the tree farm again in 2017 - this was his 2nd year working there.

The picture above: on the left is from Ceara's graduation (nursing school) in 2015, the one on the right is Ceara's baby shower in 2017.  Just to give you an idea of how much Conor grew.  His height changed, but his picture pose remained the same.

Lily turned 6 in 2017 and started 1st grade in August. She loves school, she loves to learn. She already reads very well and enjoys it. She is quiet, a little shy, and soft spoken. She did take dance classes this year and had an end of program performance.  She did very well up on the stage in front of so many people. She also played soccer this year.  Her first game she just ran with the group that had the ball when she was on front line - just behind them and didn't attempt to get the ball.  She would kick it when it came straight to her.  By the end of the season, she had improved a lot and did go after the ball.

Rylee turned 4 in 2017 and is in preschool.  She is a very spirited, energetic, and fearless. She is also so very sweet.  She will help with anything you ask, she is giving and kind.  She turned 4 in January of 2017 and wanted a unicorn cake.  She wanted to play soccer and went with us to watch Lily play, but was very bored as a spectator. 

She was in a play at Christmas time where she played a sheep.

John Carter's arrival on Christmas Eve is the final major event of the year.  Our first grandson. Ceara's labor was relatively easy as far a labor goes, and he is perfect. 

I'm sure there are lots of little things - really the important stuff - that I left out of this, but this covered the major (good) events. 

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