Wednesday, March 30, 2005

One of those days

Well, I guess I am not a very good blogger. I posted one day, with the "encouragement" of my boyfriend (he basically forced me to do it), and haven't done anything on here since. He blogs every day. He also offers to do mine for me. So what good would it be for me to have a blog if he was the one doing it? Where is the logic? You gotta wonder. hee hee

Today I am a bit bored, so I thought I would give it a shot. I got busted. Almost as soon as I started to write, he came over and was soooo excited that I was finally blogging, that he immediately offered all sorts of help. Because he knows how to put videos on his blog, change font (ok I went for that one because I like Comic Sans), change font colors, play music, all sorts of cool things. His blog is pretty cool, I do have to admit. But I don't want to mess with all that right now. So I told him if he was going to bug me about it, I wasn't going to do it. So he went back to his own computer and is leaving me be to type. Better for him to read it on my blog than over my shoulder. I don't like people reading over my shoulder, I prefer to let them see the finished product! :)

Aaannny way... I was wanting to write more than this, but one of my favorite shows (Alias) is coming on, so I have to go!! I will try to write more later tonight or possibly tomorrow. :)


lunalobo said...

I'm really not THAT bad :)

Barb said...

Jeff's gift has always been as a "helper/teacher"! His little sisters never could do anything without his expertise! So, however unwelcome or unappreciated his assistance might be, his heart's in the right place! (Try to tell that to a 2 year old sibling who "want to do it meself"!)