Friday, May 26, 2006

Florida - Day 4

The 4th day is the day we left. I woke up at 6am before my alarm even went off. Breakfast was being served from 7 - 8 or something like that, but like I said before, I'm not a breakfast person so I didn't want to go. I did however want a coffee. I put on some clothes, my new Lenovo hat, and some sunglasses and went to the cafe. I got my coffee and went back to my room. We had to check out by 11am, so I started gathering and packing my things. I also got out my laptop and logged into my work email to stay caught up. Robert called while I was getting my coffee and left me a message. I returned his call and told him I was not going to breakfast, that I had already gotten a coffee and I was packing. He had already packed his stuff the night before, so he was ready to go.

I took a shower and got dressed, trying to pack as I finished using something. I was taking my time because I had plenty of it. I talked to my boss for a little while on Instant Messenger before shutting down my computer and packing it, too. It was still relatively early - 9am, so I read for a little while before leaving my room. Robert called and was ready to get all of his things out of his room and go to the main hotel and walk around. Our bus to the airport did not leave until 12:45, so I was not in a hurry to leave - we had plenty of time to walk around after checkout time! I told him he could bring his stuff and come to my room if he wanted to, while I finished up. But since my room was in the opposite direction, he did not want to bring all of his luggage with him to my room and then have to take it all the way back to the lobby. So he went on down to the lobby to check his bags with the bell hop while we waited. He called and said we could go ahead and get our boarding passes and our luggage checked right at the hotel, so he was doing that. After the fiasco of getting my luggage on the first day, I was hesitant to trust them with it again. But Robert thought it would be fine, so I decided to do it, too.

When I came to Orlando, I had 2 bags - my suitcase with my clothes that I checked at the airport, and my laptop bag that I carried onto the airplane. Now that I am leaving, I have 4 bags. Two that were given to us by Lenovo in addition to the ones I brought with me - both of the new ones were full, also. The laptop case they gave us was full with all of the freebies we were given. The other was a canvas beach-bag type that I had put the souvenirs I had bought. So not having to worry about carrying them through the airport to check was sounding rather good. If they got lost, I had clothes at home to wear! :)

So I proceeded to the lobby with all of my bags in tow. I went to the desk to check out because they did not have video check out, so I wanted to make sure nothing else was needed by me. I checked my two carry-on bags with the bell hop guys, and proceeded outside to where the airline check-in is located. Robert was sitting off to the side of the counter, and there was a line, so I took my place in line and waited. Apparently Robert was having problems. When they tried to print his baggage labels, the did not print. When they tried to re-process, they received an error that the passenger was over his limit of bags to check. We were only allowed to check 2 bags, and the computer thought he was trying to check 4. So, after talking to the airline, the people at the counter told him he would have to check his bags at the airport.

Not promising, but I went ahead and did it anyway. I did not have any problems with mine. :) With our luggage out of the way, we decided to walk around and shop in the shops, take pictures that we had not taken previously, and just hang out. It was a beautiful, sunny day, so after we were finished with everything else, we sat outside on a bench near the bus stop. It was around noon, so we had a while. Another bus came to the stop and they asked if we were supposed to be on it. After telling them that our bus was supposed to be the 12:45 one, they said if the bus driver was OK with it, we could go ahead on this one. Since we were not sure how long it would take to fix his luggage issue, we went for it.

We arrived at the airport and had to walk FOREVER to the baggage check. It was packed! I'm glad I didn't have to deal with it, but since Robert did, I found a bench nearby and waited. It wasn't too bad, about 10 minutes or so, and we were off to find our gate. The security check line was a lot longer here than in Dayton, but it didn't take too long. Put everything in a bin, take off your shoes and any coats you have, remove any computers or video cameras from their cases, put them on the conveyor belt thing, and walk through. No problem.

We found our gate and took our seats. I decided to go and get something for lunch and left my stuff with Robert. Burger King was the most appealing at the time, so I went there to get some food. It was like a cafeterial line - they put sandwiches in a warmer and you choose what you want, put it on a try and move forward to the cashier. Condiments are on a little island so you can take what you want, except for ketchup. What is it with the rationing of ketchup?? I had to go back and wait in line to receive 2 small packages of ketchup from the cashier.

When walking back to the gate, I looked around at all the people. There was one couple sleeping - the woman laying on the bench and the man lying on the floor beneath the bench. Both appeared to be sleeping rather well. I don't think I could sleep like that, in a public place, but if they were able to, more power to them.

Our plane was scheduled to fly out at 3:10PM. We did not have seats anywhere near each other this time, and the plane was full. I spent the flight time reading and we were home in no time. I gathered my bags and walked down the rolling stairs to wait for Robert (he was further back than I was) and we headed for the baggage claim area. After we passed the security check point, Roberts daughter came running for him, so happy to see him. I had told Jeff that he could be late and that way I would be sure to have my luggage already and he wouldn't have to park.

I got my luggage, said good-bye to Robert and his family, and went outside to sit on a bench. I called Jeff to see if they were anywhere near, but did not get through. Allie called me back and told me they were near West Carrolton, so I knew it would be a little while. It was a nice day, so I didn't mind sitting outside waiting. :) Besides, I still had some of my book left to read!

Perfect timing, I finished the last sentence in the book and looked up to see my car coming towards me. Conor was sitting in the back seat and his eyes got really wide when he saw me. At least someone missed me!! I started getting my bags and putting them in the trunk, Jeff got out and helped me, and the girls got out to switch seats, so Conor was left buckled into his car seat. I opened the back door and let him out and he just hugged me so tight. He kept telling me "I love you, mommy!"

I was definitely glad to be home! It was fun, and a little busy, and I just wanted to go home and relax. Yeah, right. Relax. I don't know what that is anymore! :) We ended up stopping to get something to eat because everyone was hungry and I didn't want to cook! I had Jeff drop me off at home before taking Ceara to her mom's house, so I got home at 8:30 and had a little bit of quiet time to unpack and start some laundry. But I was happy to be home! :)

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