Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Just Stuff...

Well, it appears I am not getting the 6 foot privacy fence that I wanted. Ugh. Our HOA (Home Owners Association) denied it. Apparently, in our neighborhood, privacy is not allowed. We are not allowed to have a 6 foot fence. We can have 4 foot fences, but that is as tall as they will allow. Unless we get an in-ground pool. In-ground pools are required by city ordinance to have a 6 foot fence around them and city ordinance trumps HOA's rules. So - I got a shovel out and started digging..... OK, not really. We are now getting a 4 foot picket fence. Believe me, I would love to get a pool, but since I do not want to live in that neighborhood any longer than 2 more years, I am not putting a pool in! I'll invest in that when I am in a house I want to stay in...

In other news, it appears Jeff will be having back surgery again. As most of you may already know, Jeff has injured his back again. He had an MRI on Friday and managed to sweet talk the woman doing it into giving him a set of pictures to take with him. So he went to see his own doctor on Monday, with the MRI in hand. His doctor cannot "officially" do anything until he gets the "official" analysis of the MRI from an MRI specialist, but "un-officially" he will be referring him to a Neurosurgeon when he gets the "official" results. Now, what that means exactly, I do not know. It is the same disc that is ruptured as the last time. So, if there is not enough left of the disc, I am told by others that they will need to do some type of "fusion" on his spinal cord to make sure there is proper space where the disc should be. I know Jeff is in severe pain - a lot worse than the last time. He is unable to walk or sit, so he either lays down or crawls if he needs to move. And neither position is painless, just less pain than walking or sitting.

Now, believe it or not, his 1st doctor felt that he was capable of reporting to work for "light duty." Even though his work is about 45 minutes away and he is only allowed to sit for a maximum of 5 minutes at a time (that does not happen), they felt that he should be able to find someone to take him to work and he could lay in the back seat of the car while being transported. This is why a second opinion was needed, because he is hardly able to walk, let alone have to stand for 8 hours doing "light duty" jobs at work. His 2nd doctor removed him from any type of work pending MRI results.

So, the doctor's office is expecting the "official" analysis today and Jeff has an appointment at noon tomorrow to get the diagnosis. At that point, we believe he will be referred to a Neurosurgeon for surgery. I will try to update you all as soon as we know something.

On a lighter note, Conor decided that he wanted to stay home with Daddy today. Jeff felt that he would be OK with him there, so he stayed. I called just a little bit ago to find out the manufacturer of our dishwasher (it's broken and I want to see about getting it fixed). Jeff gave Conor the phone to talk to me while he went to check. Conor got on the phone and said, "I hit my head on the table, I want some chocolate and I want some money."

Simple as that. Chocolate and money make pain go away apparently. :)

Have a great day!

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Barb said...

So sorry about the fence, I know how much you wanted it!
Poor Jeff, I totally sympathize, I really do know how that feels!
Yay for Conor - he knows what it takes to make boo-boos all better!! Maybe if he gave his daddy some........?