Thursday, December 07, 2006


December is a very busy month for us! :) Here is how the month is looking for me:

Friday, Dec. 8th, hopefully we will be able to get all of our Christmas decorations put up... yeah, I'm bad, haven't done that yet.
Saturday, Dec. 9th, we have a date with Santa at the movies - 9AM.
Saturday night - Spa party at my sister's house.
Sunday, Dec. 10th, we will be celebrating Conor's 4th Birthday (which is actually on the 11th, but...that's a Monday!).
Wednesday, December 13th, I will be traveling to Columbus to meet with some of our Corporate people.
Friday and/or Saturday, the 15th and 16th, I will be doing some shopping and hopefully finish everyone! :)
Sunday the 17th is our Christmas celebration with Grandma and the family. This year instead of 50 + people trying to squeeze into my Grandma's house as in years past, the 8 kids (OK, mostly the 5 sisters, I believe - the 3 brothers probably just got volunteered for stuff) got together and decided to rent a place to have it. There is going to be a photographer to take a group picture of us all, so that will be a first. I wonder if we can all even fit in one picture? We will soon find out!
Thursday, December 21st, is my sister's birthday.
Baking will happen at some point between now and the 24th - whenever I can fit it in!
Then the weekend of Christmas!!

My actual Christmas plans have not been finalized, but I do know that as in normal tradition we will be going to my mom's house on Christmas Eve for dinner. Then Christmas morning is breakfast at my house - which last year only my sister and her family showed up for... the grandparents didn't get out of bed early enough. Guess that is because they do not have small kids awaiting Santa's arrival!

Oh, and I am going to try to get some "Christmas-y" pictures of the kids together at some point. Probably after the shopping for them to have some Christmas-y colored outfits. :)

I also need to update this site with some Thanksgiving information - I did actually take a few pictures on Thanksgiving Day, but I haven't taken the time to put them up here yet.

The above photo is courtesy of Nana - aka Barb - who loves to make me cool photo-shop pictures that I love! :) Thanks, Barb!!!


Work Bud said...

Kudos to the maker of the cute picture of Conor! He looks as mischievous as his Mom...haha!
Don't feel bad K, you're not the only one that doesn't have their Christmas decorations up yet. Our daughter is insisting this weekend we "must" do so.

Alikat Corner said...

Hey! I'm not mischievious, nor do I look it!! :P lol

Anonymous said...

I love the wink.

Barb said...

I love the wink pic too, and it's perfect for this month when he will get double presents for birthday and Christmas!

Glad you like the wallpaper Katie, it's a "cheater" one because I'm still on the learning curve with the program, but appropriate for the occasion!

I'm looking forward to seeing a picture of your whole family, I'm sure it will be a fun time to get everybody in one spot with their eyes all open and their mouths all closed! Usually a kid or two trying to escape - be sure to get one of the worst ones just for the fun!!