Saturday, January 13, 2007

First Family Christmas Picture

OK, here it is... our first ever picture of almost all of us.. The front row, on the floor, is all of the little kids. My Grandma is sitting in the middle of the chairs with all but one of her kids sitting with her. My aunt Judy is standing. I was going to list every one's name, but that would be a lot of names.... and most of you know them anyway! :) So.. if you want to ask, then ask. But those who don't know all of us would never remember all the names anyway and probably don't want to know them all anyway! Can you find me and my bunch? Jeff and I are on the right in the back, Allie and Ceara are in the middle, and Conor is with the kids on the floor. If you still can't find us, let me know and I will give specific locations. It was a great party, the kids had fun and it is very nice having a picture of all of us. Minus (in no particular order) Emily, David, Heather, Aaron, Kim, Jim, Levi, and Katie Anne - not me.. the other Katie - my cousin. Her name is Kathleen, but we call her Katie Anne. I'm called just plain Katie, or Kate by my family.


Matt said...

Where do you guys celebrate Christmas? We used to have to rent out a township hall (kind of looks like the place you guys were at). Anyway--we used to have scads of family together, but for some reason I don't think we ever did a big family photo like this. Way cool.

Alikat Corner said...

Up until 2006 this gang of people gathered at my Grandma's house for Christmas. This was the first year that we rented a hall and did the big family photo. Yes, it is very cool - I'm so glad we did it! I believe it is going to be an annual thing now. We do all still go to Grandma's house to eat every Sunday - I'm on my way now! :)

Barb said...

How wonderful to have such a nice big family!! Great idea to have a picture of everybody together, makes for wonderful memories!