Thursday, January 11, 2007


OK, this is so off the subject of what I usually post here.. but I just read this article about Matthew Fox and found it very funny! By stating all that he did, he essentially took the wind out of the sails of any reporter that would try to do some sort of "Oh my gosh, can you believe he did this or that?" story - like we all think that celebrities are perfect people and are shocked by their actions... yeah. He readily admits that he cheat, lies, drinks, and has no problems being nude! I think that is SO funny!

His popularity is increasing lately due to his role on LOST and co-starring in the movie We Are Marshall with Matthew McConaughey (whew! he is HOT!), so maybe Fox is trying to preempt any gossip columnists snagging some "shocking" story from his life. Or maybe he is just being honest (hmmm honesty from a self professed liar... ?). Either way, I find it refreshing that he is not trying to put up a front that he is some perfect person that everyone should love.

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