Friday, August 10, 2007

Allie's Birthday Pictures

My baby girl, first born child, turned 14 on July 6th. We had a small party for her at our house and she had a couple of friends over for it (Vanessa and Tommy). I cheated and bought the cake.. it was a busy week and was so much easier to just buy it. :) Besides, I have not mastered the chocolate icing and I've found two sources for yummy Bill-Knapp's-like chocolate on chocolate cakes! :)

Strange how in the above two pictures Allie looks exactly the same.. like she didn't move and kept her smile exactly the same. And her eyes..

As you can see, she got all dressed up for the occasion. Those monkey pajama pants matched really well with her pink T-shirt. I also got a white cake because Vanessa (Allie's friend who came over) doesn't like chocolate. You can see the white cake, with strawberries on top, in the above picture. Also shown in the picture is Tommy - one of the neighborhood boys who is also Allie's friend. He was a little camera shy, so I wasn't able to get many pictures with him in them. Vanessa's leg is in this picture... note the jeans. I don't know why she even wears them when she has another pair of pants under them. *sigh* Guess I'm showing my age, eh?

Cute how they all sat on each other's laps eh? See that little basket to the right side of the picture? That was delivered to Allie during the day - filled with all kinds of chocolate, snacks, and treats. Conor's eyes bulged when he saw it, as did Jeff's.

And the two girls who ALWAYS borrow my camera to take pictures of themselves hide from me taking their picture. Kinda funny. I also have a little video I took that I will try to remember to post later. :)

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Nana said...

Isn't she beautiful?? She was always cute, but now......!!!
Happy Birthday Allie! I wish you a fantastic year ahead!