Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Morning Routine

Update Below*

Most mornings it's just Conor and me. During the summer, if the girls are there, they are asleep. During the school years they are up before me and sometimes even out the door for the bus before I get up. (hey... it comes really early! Oh, and I'm not a morning person. Most of you should know this.)

Anyway, Conor is usually a morning person, but I still have to wake him up in the mornings. But he is so fun to wake up most of the time. I'd say 99% of the time he is in a good mood when he wakes up.

I just thought I would post about it for memories.. ;)

I sing a variety of songs in the morning to wake Conor up, and he always giggles when I do. Here's about how it goes:

"Good morning sunshine! Time to rise and shine!" (sing-song voice)

Sometimes he stirs, sometimes he doesn't.. but I don't give up with that. I put a little twist on the Birthday song and I sing it to him every morning...

"Good morning to you,
You live in a Zoo,
You look like a monkey, (at this point I sniff his neck...)
And you smell like one too! P-U!"

This is usually when he starts giggling.. and he usually says, "No, I don't, YOU do!"

Oh, and then I tickle him ... not too much.. just enough to make him laugh a bit and wake up.

There are those seldom times when he is a grouch, and he doesn't laugh but tells me to leave him alone... but not that often, and usually only if he isn't feeling well or something.

There are a few other things I will sing to him in the mornings.. just not every morning..

"It's time to wake up, it's time to wake up, it's time to wake up, it's morning!"

"Rise and shine you sleepy head, it's time to haul your hiney outta bed!"

"Sing like the birdies sing, tweet tweet; sing like the birdies sing, tweet tweet."

On the weekends, if he happens to wake up before me... he wakes me up in the same way. :)

*Note: There will be NO .wav file uploaded for your listening PLEASURE(!) despite the request of my work bud. Conor likes it, and that is all that matters! :P


Work Bud said...

Hmmmm, this is something I gotta hear, I think you owe it to your readers to record and post a little .wav file of this spectacular singing voice of yours? We can start our own "Blogger Idol". Of course, it would be a real shame if we had to vote you off your own blog! haha

Barb said...

Awww, what a sweet Mommy you are! This makes lots of nice memories for Conor! (Be sure you let him know that if he joins the Army like his dad did, that he cannot expect these kind of wake-up calls.)