Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Conor's latest obsession

Is with money. How he can earn it, how much he will get, and can he please count all the money in my purse? (never really a whole lot there. :( lol) As I've said before, Conor loves to borrow my camera and take pictures. Here are just a few of the many he took of this $20 bill.

Everything we ask him to do he says, "How much will you pay me?" Which... may not sound good, but sometimes he gets money and sometimes he doesn't. He doesn't really ask for a whole lot, though. He will work for shiny pennies!

What it has done, though, is make him really good at math. Addition, subtraction, some multiplication. And he hasn't even started school yet! If you give him a problem... say if you have to pay $87 for groceries, and you give the lady $90, how much will she give you back? He will tell you $3.

This morning before I was leaving for work he was doing a crazy little dance while chanting "Hundred dollar bill" over and over - moving his arms in crazy directions. It was quite funny. I wonder if it could be like a rain dance or something and it could bring some hundred dollar bills raining down on us... *sigh* wishful thinking!


Misty said...

Jerean is doing the same thing here lately. That is too funny...if his dance works, please let me know so that I can do one of my own :)
Hope that you all are enjoying your summer.

Barb said...

May I borrow him for a month or so? You know, just to clean up some bills, get a jump on Christmas, etc.!!