Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Zoo

We got a family pass to the Cincinnati Zoo this year and have already used it quite a few times. I've only gotten to go once, though. Jeff and Conor have been the ones getting the most use out of it since the girls were in school and I had to work. We all finally got to go the week after school let out. The very first thing we did came up to was the merry-go-round. Conor begged to ride it, he didn't want to wait until later, so he talked the girls into riding it with him. Allie, Ceara, and Caitlyn all got on and chose their animal to ride. Conor got on one, and then chickened out and got off. He said he might ride it later, but that he didn't want to rid it anymore. So the girls rode it around by themselves.
Doesn't Allie look thrilled?

We got tickets to see the Spongebob 4D movie that was starting not long after we got there. There was a bird show right around the corner, so we went to watch it while we waited. It was a hot day - can you tell by Conor's red face? We had only been there about 30ish minutes when this was taken.

After the movie, we rode the train to the elephant area and got off and walked around. The elephants were outside the building so we stopped to look at them for a few minutes before moving on. Conor left his water bottle where the elephants were and insisted that he had to go back to get it. Jeff took him while the girls and I waited.

Allie refused to get her picture taken with the baby elephant. Apparently she doesn't like elephants very much.

The reptile house offered a bit of a break from the sun and I, personally, love to go in and look at the snakes. I've always had a fascination for snakes. My mom wouldn't let me have one when I was a teenager, though. :(

Posing with the gorilla statue wasn't a problem with Allie, apparently she likes them and mentioned staying there to live with the monkeys. They wouldn't let her though.
After a few hours of walking around in the hot sun, we decided to call it a day and leave.

But not before Conor made his transformation...

Into a Mime.

Errrr.. wait. That's not a Mime.

A Mime with a black eye!

Oooops - a puppy!

A thirsty puppy by the looks of it.

Sly dog. He took the role to heart and even barked and growled for us while he had a puppy face.

And apparently dogs aren't afraid of the merry-go-round. Go figure.
**Note: I have many, many pictures of the animals at the Zoo. I've even posted some before. So I chose not to take any animal pictures this time and just get the kids. :)


barb said...

What a great (HOT!) day!! I love seeing pics of the kids, the Puppy Face ones cracked me up!! Maybe sometime somebody will turn the camera on you and I'll get a few of those??

Work Bud said...

Hmmmm, a puppy riding a shark on the merry go round at the zoo. That's a sight you don't see everyday!