Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Easter Pictures

Yes, I know they are about a month late! I just uploaded them from my camera and thought I would share. I'm not going to write a lot about it... they are self explanatory, I think.

Easter Morning, Conor got a basket and the Easter bunny left one big basket for the girls and Jeff to share. Too bad Ceara wasn't here and Jeff pretty much ate all the chocolate out of the basket before she came over the following weekend...

The race out the door to find the eggs! This was at Grandma's house, after breakfast. It's an Easter tradition to eat breakfast (the best breakfast ever, imo!) at Grandma's house.

Someone brought eggs that were filled with confetti and the kids had a blast breaking them over each other's heads.

There was one egg that we could not find and everyone got in on the search. It was a green egg that was hidden in these flowers...

And then we went next door to my mom's house and hunted more eggs! But at Mom's it's more of a scavenger hunt - each kid has to find a certain amount of each color.

And for some reason unknown to me, I only took the ONE picture at my mom's house. I think it's because I was busy hunting eggs. :)

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Anonymous said...

On picture "100_7067.JPG"....Is that a witch doing a faceplant into the Light post in the background? Are you sure these aren't Halloween pictures instead of Easter? hahaha