Sunday, August 02, 2009

Barb's Birthday

We had a party at our house for Barb's Birthday (Jeff's Mom for those of you who don't already know that!). We had dinner - pasta and garlic bread - but I forget what it is called! Since we were all eating garlic, it was OK to be around each other. :)

We ate dinner first so that there would be left over cake after they all left as we are "supposed to do" much to Conor's disappointment.

Some had to eat in the living room as my table would not fit everyone! We had the Birthday Girl, Grand Dad, Naomi and Jerry, Beth and Alex (Barb's Sister and great niece), as well as my the normal crew - Jeff, Alli, Conor, and me. Or is it I? I'm pretty sure it's me, but... I'm not an English major.

I asked Barb if she had a preference for cake and she wrote me back and said she would like white cake with with white icing OR Pioneer Woman's Chocolate Sheet Cake. Like she really thought I would choose one or the other.

I made both - hey, it's her birthday, she can have two kinds of cake! However, I only took pictures of the decorated one.

Barb and Beth together are really a hoot! They have such a great relationship, I'm so glad she could come to the party.

Please ignore the dirty glass in the back ground. It has since then been taken care of, but I didn't get to it before the party!

I don't know what Beth was doing to Barb in this picture, but she was up to something! I think she may have goose'd her or something...

Don't cross these two! It could get very ugly!

The kids all piled on the couch for a picture before Alex left. She was just visiting her grandparents, she lives in another state (sorry I forget where!). It has been years since I've seen her - I still thought of her as Conor's age. When I heard she was coming I told Conor he better clean his room because his cousin was coming and she'd probably want to play with him in his room. HA! She went and grew up.
From left to right in the picture above is Alex, Ceara, Kaitlyn, Conor, and Allie laying (or is it lying? Those two always confuse me. And who and whom. Gah.) across Ceara's lap.

And here are just the girls. For those of you who might not know Kaitlyn - she is Ceara's sister from her mom's second marriage. She does stuff with us in the summer time when Ceara comes over.
I swear I took more pictures, but when I was loading them onto my computer I got an error so I think some of them are corrupt or something. It was a fun night though, lots of laughs always ensue when Barb comes over, though.
And now just a word about Barb... OK, more than one. I have known Barb for 9 years now, and she is a wonderful person. She has a lot of patience that I have always admired - I suppose someday I might have it, but I do not now. When Conor is being the little boy that he is, she calmly talks to him and has him sit down next to her and she explains why he shouldn't do what he is doing. Seems much more effective than my approach.
She is also very crafty! Whether it is digital scrap booking or embroidery or anything, she is the best! I love all the gifts she has made for me over the years!
Hope you had a wonderful Birthday, Barb! We love you!


Misty said...

Mom had said that they went to your house and it looks like everyone had fun! I am still laughing that you thought Alex was so little...yep, she thought she would grow up, I don't know what made her think that she could do so. Thanks for sharing.

ThreadArtist said...

Awww! You blogged my birthday!! Thanks so much for hosting my lovely party! The cakes were wonderful, dinner a pleasant surprise and the gifts (the purse and lots of things inside are on the table!). You are so thoughtful and it was a joy to have my family together to celebrate the BIG one! Love and blessings, Barb