Tuesday, August 18, 2009

County Fair

I'm so behind on updating! Like... did anyone besides Jeff and my mom know that Allie, Conor and I went to Virginia this past weekend? I forgot to take my camera! I did take some pictures with my phone, but who knows when I will actually get them on my computer and edit them to put up here?

And tomorrow is Conor's first day of school?!?! Wow it snuck up on me.

Conor is also having surgery to remove his tonsils in September - I found out about that a few weeks ago.

Like I said, way behind!

Way back before all that stuff, I took the kids to the county fair! I figured Conor needed exposure to the county fair and all its redneck goodness. :) We went on a Friday night after I got off work - Allie, Ceara, Adam (Ceara's boyfriend), Caitlyn (Ceara's sister), Conor and I took in all the animals, games, food, and carnie people. heehee

First up were the mini horses in a ring right before we entered the actual fair area. The little black one was desperately trying to escape being caught, and succeeded the whole time we were there.

Next was the petting zoo. They had a good racket going there - they supply the food, but we buy it to feed their animals! One dollar for a small container of carrots.

All of the animals were sticking their heads out to try to get a carrot slice.

Conor was a bit hesitant at first, afraid they would bite his hand, but he got the hang of it.

Then we walked up to the mirror maze and they all went in and managed to get out rather quickly. Adam was leading the way for them all.

No trip to the fair is complete without shoestring french fries with ketchup poured right into the bucket with the fries.

They weren't coordinated enough to walk and eat at the same time, evidence of their sheltered lives of not attending enough fairs.

So we found a bench and they all sat down to eat. Then we headed down game row.
I gotta hand it to them, the guys running the games are very convincing that we try their game. The first one was throwing a baseball at 3 blocks stacked on top of each other. The guy running it told us the "secret" of how to hit them to get them all to fall off the stand.

Adam tried, Conor tried, and Caitlyn tried. No one could do it, even with knowing the secret. Then he gave us a special price of two for one if we played again. Still didn't get them all off. :(

Allie just had to try the ring toss game. She's addicted to it. We went through several bucket fulls of rings, but no winners.

I don't think Ceara tried it, but the others all did.

We also did the throw a dart at a balloon game, where everyone won who played, and the water gun race game, too. I just didn't get pictures of those.
As we were walking out, we went back to the petting zoo and saw that they had the "tiger" out for pictures. Of course since it is one of Conor's favorite animals, we paid to have their picture taken with it.
It was a little tiny baby tiger - kept in a covered cage until someone paid to get their picture taken with it.

I don't think Conor knew what to think or do - he wanted to hold it by himself, but they didn't allow that. It had to be on the cart and everyone got to pet it.

I got a few shots with my camera as well as the one they took professionally.

Isn't he cute? I think he wants to nurse the way he reacted to the guy's finger to get his head up for the picture.
Here's the one they took. Conor doesn't look happy, but trust me, he was. I don't think he wanted to pose, he just wanted to hold and pet the tiger.

On our way out to the truck, we walked through the horse barn and had to pet every horse in there because it wasn't fair to the others if we didn't.
Conor was a little hesitant at first, but he eventually got the hang of it too.

Yes, there were rides, but to my pleasant surprise, no one really wanted to ride any of them! I was glad because not only was it expensive to ride them, I have always been afraid of carnival rides that are set up in parking lots. Well, not always - I loved them when I was a kid, but I don't like watching my kids ride them! :)

As I was getting in the truck to leave, I thought I would take a picture of Ceara and Adam, but Ceara moved her head and I have no idea what Adam was saying but I thought it was funny that he looked like he was blowing her a kiss. He wasn't, it was just a coincidence that I snapped the picture at that moment.
I believe everyone had a good time - it was fun!
I'll be back at some point to do the other updates, and I promise to post the first day of school pictures before Christmas! :)


ThreadArtist said...

Loved this blog! Great pictures and you are so good at telling us what's going on that I feel like I'm there! Good job - and you KNOW I'm going to snag these, don't you?

alique said...

Great story, I'm glad to see you all had a good time together. Memories to cherish, I love that!