Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Man Cave

guest blog by Jeff

This is the "Man Cave"
I try to take Conor camping at least once every year, but I didn't make it this year. We did get to go kayaking, but I thought it would be a good idea if Conor and I (Jeff) had a place where we could go and hang out together that was kind of like camping. I have been trying to organize stuff in the garage to sell at a flea market or something. I sure would like to get a flat screen this year. Anyway, the idea came to me that the shed in back could be a cool place to hang out. The idea of the "Man Cave" was a sure win! Even if I never make it to sell all the junk we have, you can't lose by creating a little more room by organizing a few things and finding a great way to spend time with your kid.

Come on in if your a man!

Do you have what it takes to protect the Man Cave?

We got a lot of cool stuff in here, like the triplane kite Nana got Dad for his birthday one year.

No "Man Cave" is complete without hot drinks like coffee, tea, and hot chocolate!

We have many "man" tools in here too. Let's see -
hose, weedtrimmer, chainsaw, scented candle (Say what?!?)

" Back away from the man tools!"


"Someone else guard for awhile."
"What's there to eat or drink around this dump?"

"Did you say, 'hot chocolate'?"

"Hit's the spot!" "Ahhhhhhh!"

Remember: No girls allowed


Anonymous said...

This is hilarious! I love that Conor has such an expressive face! hahahaha!!!

love you both, Mom/Nana

Talking Blue Crow said...

I'm sooooo man enough to come into the man cave. I'll have two lumps in my tea, please. And a bit of cream. Can you pass the "biscuits?"