Sunday, April 18, 2010

What should I catch up first?

I have so many things I didn't post, I don't know what to post first! I don't want to do it all in one post because it would be way too long and you would get bored half way through and not read it all! ;)

We took the kids to Dave and Busters one day during their Spring Break and they had a blast. Alli didn't get to go because she was at a friends house experimenting with her hair and something went wrong so they had to fix it.

We ate lunch first, then headed to the games. All of these pictures were taken with a cell phone, so they are not the greatest quality, but... they are pictures.

They were moving so fast through the games, they were all a blur. Which is why the next picture, although blurry, is appropriate!

Conor won 1000 tickets on one game within the first 10 minutes and he was hooked!

We did races between us all, and the kids did Harley races.

We had Ceara, Conor, Caitlyn, and Gage with us.

They all got their own credit card type game cards to play with and they pretty much stuck together.

It was a few hours of fun for everyone.

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