Friday, April 02, 2010

My Prize

OK, it has been a while, so I will refresh your memory a bit. Remember when I promised to post every day in February? Then the naysayer Mayo challenged my promise in the comments and we thus had a little side bet going. He should know me better, because I really hate losing, and I love a challenge.

If I lost, I was to make him an apple pie, and if I won, I had no idea what I wanted from him. I couldn't demand baked goods, because his wife would be the one paying off that debt and that just wasn't fair to her. Even though I would love to try one of her cakes one day - yes cakes! I know I make cakes as a hobby, but hers put mine to shame!

So, I thought of something I wanted, and I knew he could do it! Although he was a bit doubtful, I had already seen his creativity for myself.

I am looking to change the look of my blog. I am tired of the green and want something new - and a banner! I know I could probably figure out how to do it, but it would just frustrate me and I didn't feel like it, so that was what I wanted as a prize.

I sent him my favorite pictures, he asked all kinds of personal questions (like what my favorite colors are...), and he came up with several options. Lots and lots.

You don't get to see all the options because he removed them as we narrowed them down, but it was really hard to choose!

I really already know what I want. Kinda. But I'd still like your opinion! Maybe you can convince me to change my mind, but... maybe not.

So, you can either enter your opinions in the comments section, OR you can vote right on the site he created to show me the options! I could do a hyperlink and hide the actual NAME of the site, but I'm not gonna. Just go to and cast your vote! There are only 6 days left to vote, so do it now!!! ;) After you vote, you can leave a comment and try to convince me of your choice if you want. Or just leave me a comment letting me know you voted. Or just leave me a comment telling me how awesome all the choices are. Or whatever you want!

Oh, and as to the name of the site... he's just bitter because I WON! (Probably not, but hey... I think it's funny.)

Thank you, Mayo!! :)

Side note - or bottom note, whatever - I did a spell check and there were no misspellings found. When did gonna become a word? I was sure that one was going to be highlighted!


Barb said...

First of all, these are WONDERFUL!! Hard to choose when they are all photos of people I'm rather fond of!! However, in an effort to help you choose, my favorite is Number 2!! I really like the softened edges of the photos and the swirly name thingy! Whichever one you choose will be very nice, I just happen to be partial to the second one!

mom said...

I liked #3 which is similar to #2 except #2 has the middle picture twice. I love the bird reactions.